Friday, December 03, 2010

Miss Jenga says

wha? there was a cold spot on the top of my head!
I lovez this squishy robe; I make muffins on it till I drool and kitteh law statute 17. 6 A states: "Thou shalt not ever post photos of kitteh's in such a nirvanic state where drooling is evident." 

From That Woman: All cats must know this as I've never seen a photo online of this phenomenon though I hear about it all the time! 


  1. Darn. I think I may be in for some MASSIVE fines.

  2. I , ahem, have kind..maybe sort of, well, kind on, um, drooled when being petted.

    You are right. No one would dare break that law!

  3. Hello Miss Jenga, Make a muffin ! I love to do that too : ) Have a great day : )

    And thank you to visit my blog a couple day ago : ) That was lovely

  4. Miss Jenga, please tell Ms Stella O'Houligan thanks so much for her sympathy and words of comfort for my horrible terrible bad bad day at the V-E-T's.

    And top of the evening to you as well, me beauty!

  5. At first I couldn't figure out the 'perspective' of this photo--looked like some strange one-eyed cat...then I figured out the contortion but really would have liked a close up of the drool, hahameow!

  6. Thank you so much for that comment. xox

  7. LOL!

    Miss Jenga, you are SO cute!


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