Friday, December 24, 2010

at Holiday Time!

Oh, That daft ole besom poor woman who never cooks at all is practically beside herself baking like mad.  A Peach Cobbler is in the oven(and between you and me I can't imagine why...she barely touches the treadmill these days!) The Chicken Pot Pie (homemade) is out ; FINALLY!  This is the one that I truly love. I sit by her leg and baked chicken is the ONLY thing I will beg for.  *besides bacon; but that's bacon and goes without saying that everykitty should have some begs for.  Tomorrow will bring different smelling peoples and they will bring different smelling foods.  Life is a true smorgasboard if yer THE cat!

Hijacked her fingers to say Merry Christmas to all our furriends we've made on the CB and elsewhere.  It gives her something to look forward to each day to read what everyone's up to and to see all your charming furraces.  *and feets*  and I like seeing what my fellow felines are up to. 

So; since her food is getting cold & that chickkin hasn't hit the floor yet; I'm signing off for the hollydays till Monday when she's back at work & I can have the place to myself again!

Enjoy whatever holiday you celebrate!  Drinks all around!  (oh no wait' that was Her!)  Love and Good Fishes to all!


  1. We, too, count our blessings because of the CB and cats and humans alike, who care and love and cry and sigh for each and every one of us...May your Kitmas be Merry and Bright...and thanks so much for supporting Brighton and for the lovely Christmas card, too...Next year Teri promises to get out cards for the first time in steps--this year it was decorating the house...

  2. We are also glad to have connected with the CB, it is a bright part of our days...and each day is like a treasure hunt where we find a new blog like yours. Happy Holidays and enjoy that chicken pot pie, will ya?

  3. mmmmm, Christmas chicken! Now there's a treat.

    We say Merry Christmas and Mommy says CHEERS! (she's kinda a rummy)

    Love from the Katnip Lounge xxoo

  4. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Wow - we bet your kitchen smells GREAT!


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