Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some Laffs

Because my dear Sistah Ms. Admiral was at the Vets and not doing well; now (hopefully she is home) and as everykitty knows; laffs make you feelz better. 

So.  I'm sharing the card I gotz from THE DOG.  Mr. Riley is a lovely being and tho we've never met him in furr-son  we know he lubz us and we lubz hims. 

Dis card we gotz and we lubz it!  Especially his special note to ME us. 

Now I don't care whoz you are... dat right dere is some funny !
Den dere waz dis onez too...  Dis one is really more for Stellie but if you see Mr. Puddy's post today dis is for him too! xoxo



  1. MOL...Nice card from THE WOOFIE !

    Dear Loue and Deb, Thank you so mowl for the card and the great ideas for " The beyond my control list " I might have to do backward : ) .... Hen and Turtle dove are next !


    PS : I feel so good to be a part of some laffs in your blog today..Thanks again : )

  2. MITTENS! We cracked up.
    We are worried about The Admiral too, thanks for the MOL!

  3. Hee hee, those are funny! We're glad Admiral is home because we were worried about her too.


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