Wednesday, December 01, 2010


that occured somewhere between Sunday night and Tuesday night...

Ms.Stell " Excuse me, I'm sitting/napping here (on three of these four nice big quilty blankets I'm sure you made just FOR ME). Please turn the volume down on the tele so I can get some rest."
That Woman: 'No, you are mistaken.  These quilts are for a nice lady who's husband passed away a few years ago.  She had tons of his old t-shirts and wanted to gift each of her children with a quilt made from them. In other words Ms Stella... She's a paying customer so I should think you'd be a bit more tolerant considering the work you are curled up on is what is keeping you in your favorite Temptations Salmon Flavored treats, not to mention the heating bill, and fabric softner for your woobie"

Ms. Stella: "I'm sorry, I can't understand a word you're saying I hate it when you mumble so."

*next evening...still more work to be done and this is what I come home to*
That Woman :"Honestly YOU TWO!  Now I'll need to delint them all on top of finishing them!"

Miss Jack: "zzzZZZZ wha? Lady, you've got some nerve to wake a person from a perfectly good catloaf nap! And while yer at it Woman kindly remove the voodoo pins as I nearly injured my paw when turning around earlier!"

That Woman: "Do you see what I'm holding in my hand? It's a loaded water bottle, if I get any more catbuttitude from either of you I promise I'll use it!"

Miss Jack: "BBbuuuuuhhhwwwhhhaahhahahaaaaa!  Don't make me laugh so hard you daft cow I nearly rolled right off!"
That Woman: *sigh*


  1. If I had a million bucks, it would be yours for this laugh I got. I L-O-V-E-D this post!!!

  2. Ha ha! I'm sure this is one reason why my Mother (the quilter) doesn't have any cats. They would constantly be sleeping on her work.

  3. Poor deprived pussycats!

  4. The customers can wait. The kitties need what they need!

  5. Yes...conversations like this occur at my house too. I just never have a camera at the ready!


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