Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a small (ish) confession

Ok; so this is basically the cats blog.  Anykitty can see that.  I am a foster mom of two gorgeous Bengal cats.  I am currently possessed by three 'moggies' of my own.  If you were to come to my home you would see instantly that we are cat people.  You can tell by all the bird feeders hanging right outside the windows. 

Inside you would find a house where practically every flat surface has spaces for cats to perch, preen, snooze or just be antisocial.  (funny how many verbs can apply interchangeably from cats to birds (and vice versa).  The dining room table where we used to take our meals has no chairs around it anymore and apart from the single giant water dish in the middle; it's free from any seasonal ddecorations.  (Let's face it; I don't want to risk my Grandmothers gorgeous apple pottery dishes to a moody crabby feline Ms. Stella!) who would take it upon herself to redecorate everything to the floor.   (That way as I bend to pick up the offending pieces she can step down off the table onto my back and then glide to the floor- ya; she's like that.)   

I have been know to leave my heated blanket on during the day for the comfort of one kitty.  I have been know to get up out of my chair (for the umteenth time in an hour) to play the 'revolving door' game with a seemingly incontinent kitty.  I have woken up at all hours to mewling outside my bedroom door only to find a cat who just wanted to run amok with an audience.   

Why do I tell you all this?  Because I have a confession to make.  Today; the dog groomer in the suite adjacent to ours came over.  She brought in a pair of these: 

This is a standard size poodle.  I had no idea they came in any other size but small; yappy; or piddly.   I was completely enchanted.  "Miss Molly" was so well mannered & when she gave me her paw to shake; it was like holding air!  She didn't do that heavy-hot-breathing-in-your-face thing that large dogs do.  Such a perfect lady!  Of course, her owners obviously have worked with her a great deal and the effort was noticeable but the groomer had nothing but glowing things to say for the breed.  (She herself a retired dog breeder of the show circuit) While I'm still extremely apprehensive around dogs (I've been bitten twice; one of those was on the face from a dog who 'never had any history of such behavior!)  Miss Molly put me right at ease and completely turned my head.  Something in her demeanor I guess.  I have always  loved dogs from afar.  I DO, I just don't trust them.  If ever I was to get a dog (tho I can't imagine it) I would get one of these.  She is truly a lovely being wrapped up in all that curly fur and brown eyed tenderness (to borrow a phrase).  What a love. 


  1. It really does take a special dog for a Cat Person; I was lucky enough to have a black Lab mix many years ago...I was crazy for that dog! You'll know if and when it's right.

  2. Wow...I always say, if I ever had a dog, it would be a standard poodle! Of course, love the curly fur, but they are very 'retriever-like' and smart and kept in a nice lamb cut, are very low shedding and nice dogs in general...though you met 2 really stellar ones it sounds like!

  3. We've heard great things about standard poodles but we do love our Alaskan Husky sisfur Sadie very much!

    Angel & Isabella

  4. Some dogs (actually a lot of them) are fine creatures and well behaved (sometimes better behave than kids).
    I can vouch for Cabal, for instance. That dog totally stole my heart.
    They normally aren't vicious, unless driven to that state by humans.

  5. She looks like a sweetheart! Hope you get to meet her again and keep reassuring you that dogs can be good too! :D

  6. I had a red hunting dog whose hair was the same color as mine..,brown eyes though mine are blue :-) but he came into my life when I was 11 years old and he was my constant companion until I got married at the ungoshly age of 17. Daddy asked to keep him.

    But I have been a cat person since. No goggies have turned my head so far.


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