Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I've Kept (Thoughtful Thursday)

I'm no hoarder, but I have a small collection of cat related items that I've kept over the years.  I purchased these cards in 1979.  I had one more but actually managed to send it to someone (it was my very favorite and I do regret letting it go now) BUT, That aside,

And my VERY FAVORITE of these,

It's the cat's expression, and the look on the womans face; after all these years it makes me laff still! 
  I'm just sure I saw a glimpse of my future self in this. 


  1. Oh I loved them all. Mommy did that is. Me..what's funny Mom? Sheesh. Oh! OK. NOW I get it since you 'splained.

    Seriously, we both love these and doesn't it happen most times that we part with a treasure and wonder why we did. We always hope they loved it as much as we did. xoxox

  2. I like them all too, but that fist one is purrfect!

  3. Our mom says she's already reached that point in that last one!

    Those are great!!

  4. My Mommy is laughing! Me is still talking to the unicorns....
    Me is feeling better, but me is far from 100%. Me is sure me is so good from alls the Purrayers and Good wishes and love from my friends.
    Thanks yous guys!


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