Friday, April 13, 2012

Mom made me somefin!

Hiya Guys

Ollie here...
 Couple weekends ago my mom made me this quilted bag  cool new cubby.  She put it in the sun to take a photo
 and well, whaddaya expect?  I'm a cat!  I'm curious!  I instantly knocked it over to inspect my new diggs.
 This strappy thing is really in the way, she needs to ditch that. 
I crawled inside my new cubby.  I can'tz believe how perfectly I fitted! 

Well, except for my ridiculously looooong tail, but that's ok.    I like my new cubby.  I'm keepin' it.

Note from That Woman:
Couple of friends had these bags (theirs are more large tote bags) and I have been coveting them.   A bit ago, one of my friendsJoanell went to one of her other quilt guild meetings and as things go; there's usually a table where quilters can swap stuff, unload fabric, books, etc.  Well joanell found the prewrapped cording that someone had gone to all the trouble of making but never finished.

 Joanell knew I had been wanting to do this project so she brought it to me.  Took me all day to sew it up)(and three broken needles) but this great bag is way cool.  Since it's so 'quilty' I'm not allowed to take it when I go out with The Gurl but it will accompany me to Long Beach Festival this year where I hope to stuff it will all kinds of goodies from Quilt Market!  (budget permitting of course)

It's really labor intensive, you take 2 1/2 " strips of fabric and wrap them around cloth cording then stitch it all down- (this is batik and the weave of that cloth is so tight that by the time you wrap it and sew through that you need to swap out needle on your machine before completing the next step) You wind up with a giant snake that you just keep making as long as you want. After that, you start by coiling it and stitching it down with the zig zag stitch.  You keep coiling and sewing, coiling and sewing and gradually the sides start curving upwards depending on how long you've made your bottom coil).  You  keep going till you either run out of snake or it's as big as you want.--i should have made the bottom flat coil  bigger so the the bag would have become more a larger open tote than a purse shape. Still mine finished at 12" wide and around 24" long.)  I quit with some to spare for the strap and button loop


  1. That is one cool hidey cubby!

  2. Mommy is in love, she is making ooeee goooeey noises about the bag and its colors!

  3. Ollie, GREAT cave! Mom loves the bag. That sounds like a lot of work but a lovely outcome.

  4. Well we are impressed and of course LP is awestruck! She can't even sew a button on anything.....srsly.She stoops to using safety pins if buttons fall off and what's worse is she thinks no one notices.But she loves quilts ( especially if they are cotton!)and quilty things :)Beautiful!

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  5. Ollie, you sure are lucky to have such a great new cubbie!

  6. That's nice : )
    And it look so cute ! Suit you

  7. Our Mommy is slobberin all ofur herself! (we thinks she likes it) It does make a great hidey-hole too.

  8. But...but...but how can you possibly take it away from Ollie when it so clearly is the purrfeck little hidey place for him??

    The Human says it is super cute! She's in awe of people who is creative and talented like your Human, Ollie.'s yours, right?

  9. I love it. My mommy does too and she is so admiring of your abilities with all things creative. She has talked you up every chance she gets. xoxoxox


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