Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Forgot

When we got back from Arizona I was so excited to post the imus & pig AND our visit to Katnip Lounge that I completely forgot to post these of the most darling, loveable, gorgeous, friendly, loving, long haired tortie e.v.a.r.!  This is JasmineShe has the BEST eye makeup on the planet. 

I mean seriously, just LOOK at those eyes!  I'm rather glad she doesn't have her own blog, I fear my lover Mr. D might have his little nekkid head turned!

And then there's Jake,
Jake: can we play ball now?  how 'bout now?  is now good for you?
or, well, maybe; like: now? 

Jake:  i fink you didn't even throw it... did you?
I mean,  well, did you?

Jake: I knowed she didn't!  I was just testing you! 

My mom rescued this little gurl over Christmas.  She named her Bijou.
She's totally darling and Jake thinks she's the cat' meow!

oof... the two wee baby ornj kittens in this photo live at our house now... (The big ornj one in the back is their mum) I'm sure you recogonize the vacant expressions and the impending ebil in those stares.


  1. Jasmine does haf pretty eye makeup! We don't really think the Big D would efur fall fur anyone but you! (don't tell our Mom we said this) Happy Thursday! xoxo

  2. Oh my gosh, Jasmine has amazing eyes! I love that black "eyeliner" coloring. Perfect.

  3. Awwww,Awwww!
    They look like best buds!
    and Kittens! :D

  4. That Jasmine certainly is a looker!!!!!

  5. Those eyes is really sumfing! And we should all know by now that ebil little ornj ones become ebil big ornj ones. At least they're not at MY house, ha ha meow!

  6. She is, outside of my hero Ms Stella, absolutely the mst beautiful girl I have seen. Her eye make up is stunning!!!!


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