Sunday, April 01, 2012

Mancat Monday Morning Yoga (with Ollie )

As pennance for his crimes against er...well, crimes.   Ollie was sent to his parole officer who declared that Ollie be sentanced to community service.
Ollie is very good at Yoga so he is going to instruct anykittie who may want to, in some basic yoga poses he hopes might help them.

Ok, take it away Ollie!

Hey guys!  
First up we start by gently greeting the new day, this pose is called  
'Greet the Sun'
in this pose you stretch your back legs out while sitting in the sun
(this is in preparation for the next yoga pose)

As you stretch your head back extend your right paw all the way out into 
'Worship the Sun'
it is very important to flange your toes and stretch your claws, this helps the circulation so your claws stay pink, clear and sharps!

ahhhh, feel the stretch?

Now back into a sitting pose
stretching your front legs out as far as you can 
into the
'Kiss the Toes' pose
(it's That Woman's favorite)

Now we must go outside for the more exhuberant workout
(cos That Woman is outside & I gotzta be near her so she can report to my parole officer that I done my service)

This pose is
 'Reach for the Birdz!'
I like this one

This next is only for advanced Yoga Masters

"You Didn't Get Me a Bendy Straw- You iz SO Fired!"
The trick is the straw (your paw) is straight while keeping your body bendy

Pardon me a moment while I check in with my mom
I lovez my mom- she always tastes good!

The last part of my community service is security detail.  I don't mind this one cuz Ms. Stella is my
Here I am keeping my eye on her while she sleeps.  Guarding Miss Stella, this is a good gig.
I am almost sorry my community service is done.

Well thanks for hangin with me!

Keep up your Yoga and stay lightfingered limber!



  1. Oh you are a yoga MASTER! You ARE! I a, like, totally imPRESSED! LOOK at those artful and difficult poses! I will transport right over to learn and I need to make an appointment with my hero too. Admiral has some whispered words for her that I have to deliver. Keep your guard sharp and take care of my hero, please. xoxoxox

  2. Thank you for sharing all those beautiful yoga moves. I'm afraid I'll never be as good at it as you are - you are a Master!

  3. So, this means you can steal more stuff, right? Community service is sorta like buying indulgences, we hear.

  4. Ollie we couldn't even begin to keep up with a Master like you.The only pose we've mastered is the "sleeping in the sun" pose and even that one is sketchy....

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  5. What great dexterity yous has! Do yous do personal training?

  6. Wow, those were some interesting yoga moves, Ollie. We've never tried those. We're gonna go practice them right now. We'll call you if we need some help with them.

  7. Oh dear heavens, Ollie, you're just HUGE. How did that happen?

    Oh, impressive moves man, but don't get stuck that way, MOL!

  8. Oh theese one is a good one! That bendy straw one cracks us up! You folks is so clever and funny over here...seriously! Love the post! (PS: Ms. Stella that is a GOR-JUSS new blog header!)


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