Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sunday Secret Hideaway

Heya Crazy HepCats & Kittendolls! 

Ms. Stella here.

I'd like to share with you my super secret (well, from the other cats) hideaway.
When I want to get away from the OM's this is where I go.

That Woman is cleaning in here today (ya, right, sure...) 

I know, right?  I bet Sheebie would make short work of this room getting it organized in a hurry!  Come to think on it, maybe I should send her a personal note (cuz that IS how I roll) and offer to pay her to come dig it out organize it properly. 

Oh, there is some order but you have to look verrrry closely: allow me

 almost there...
There!  You see it right?  That note is aprox 2" square and it's right there... in front...where She can be reminded. 

Good to see She has MY priorities straight! 

Oh, and where do I hide? 

 note the door slightly ajar? (she leaves it that way just for ME)
and once inside, it's nice and dark in my nest hole I made by completely ruining  clearing away those neatly folded fabrics. 

Well, I'm not in there now acorse,  I resent the flashy thing in my private space, so I made sure I wasn't present when the invasion of my privacy occurred.  
So, any a you guys gots secret hideouts? 
We should do one of those blog hoppie thingys with that as a theme.  Course, I'd have to edjamacate That Ditz of a Woman who still can't figure out the catblogosphere thingy.  Oh well.  I guess my thoughts do reach the important folks like alla you so it's all good! 



  1. Wow. That is a really great hidey place. That whole room is a great hidey place. It is good to know she has her priorities right. MOL!

  2. We confess we had to get mom thinking around her brain to work out what OM's were (I knew WHO they were, just had to work out the letters). We really love your hidey place. Sometimes i will climb onto Dad's shelf among his sweatshirts but that is NOTHING like what you have there!!

  3. wow and to think that my Mom thought that HER desk is a mess!!! Someone FINALLY has her beat! lol.

    I have a hidey-spot in the linen closet, quite like yours!

  4. Wow, the hiding spots in that room are endless!!

  5. We like the linen closet. It's organized in there.

    Mommy is hyperventilating!

  6. Wowwie! What a great spot! Me has 2. One is in the bathroom with the towels and the other is downstairs in what is loosely called the BOOK ROOM. Mostly is it a dumping ground for everything!
    Me loves your spots!

  7. That is the best hide out I've ever seen. You could get lost in there forever. he he

  8. I agree with Mario, that is an awesome hidey place...we never had one as good as theese one!


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