Friday, October 08, 2010

In Which We Take The Day Off...

to travel to the Magic Kingdom and see the World of Color

I received a wonderful gift from a client of mine who works at Disneyland. She gifted me a day pass so I could take Ellen (who has a annual pass) to go see the new show 'World of Color'. The show was the most breathtaking thing to see to be sure; but more on that later. Right now let me take you on a photo essay of our day!

Halloweenie Colors!

First things first, as you can see it was pouring down rain when we left our house at 11am.

We went to Polly's for breakfast & had one of their To.Die.For. Freshly made hot, slathered in butter, cinnamon rolls.

One of our favorite things to do is try on hats! Here I am at the first stop on our Journey! The Jack (Skellington) store in the French Quarter. El thought this was cute; after seeing this picture I can only wonder why? Good grief! This hairstyle is NOT conducive to hats!

What's really funny about this is that the 'hot' costume is of course the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. You could get the top had complete with bright orange frizzy hair attached! As you can see, I'm not trying that hat on as I have my own orange frizz to deal with on this rainy day!

Some 'formal' shots in beautiful courtyard with the lovely fall colors.

The first ride we went on was one of my favorites Indiana Jones. But sadly no photos of that. Next ride was Splash Mountain! (In the rain is way fun too!) Here we are 'before'

This is my favorite picture of us! (even out of focus)

And 'after' the 50ft plunge into the water flume. We were both soaked from the waist down!

The still they take of you. (Note the expression on El's face; she's ridden this ride so many times with her friends she's got the camera flash pegged!) I love the little girl sitting behind me; she was a doll!

I will share with you that we did go on Space Mountain and I learned that this ride is off my 'dance card' forever more. :( Within seconds of the ride starting, the speed, and tight turns instantly set my head on fire and not in a good way. I had to close my eyes during the remainder of the ride and try to just breathe slowly and silently pray that it be over quickly. Thank goodness it's a short ride. I was never so relieved to stop moving & get off. It took me nearly a half hour to recover.
Next ride we went on was Buzz Lightyear! We love the competition of zapping the evil Emperor Zurg & competing with the final count! (I won last time and this time El won!)

After that; refreshments!

One of my favorite guilty pleasures; the humble Churro. I'm holding mine & El's. Note the diet coke for balance... I did start to feel human again after this treat.
Off to try on more hats! Here is El trying on the newest hat line from the movie 'Up' .
how appropriate

"Hi, my names Ellie!" (and it is!)
I really wanted this but El said 'Uh, No...' but she did like this picture.

She didn't buy it either; for the hat and goggles it was $40.00! So we just tried them on, took pictures & left.

Off to California Adventure for our dinner reservations at the Wine Country Trattoria. You can get reservations there for the 'World of Color' show. The dinner comes with two preferred standing passes to the show; front & center. I was happy to sit down & enjoy the lovely restaurant.

First they bring you fresh bread and butter. I could have stopped right there! Never being so happy to see carbs!

So for $40.00 per person; you enjoy beverages; a salad; your choice of entree (there were six to choose from); and desert. El ordered the seafood pasta and I had the Braised Beef Tenderloin. It was the b.o.m.b.! El & I didn't recognize some of the choices for desert so we asked the gal what some of them were so we could make our choice. She said they would 'bring the tray'. She wasn't kidding. You get ALL the deserts on the one tray! I just delighted in my first cup of coffee in 5 days! It was wonderful!

Tiramisu; berry tarts; chocolate lemon mousse; and some vanilla gelatin thingy with strawberry sauce & fresh basil. (we didn't like that one) I had a tart & that was it. Since the Space Mountain incident I wasn't about the antagonize a migraine with chocolate!
After dinner; we wandered over to the boardwalk at the Paradise Pier to find our area to watch the show. I'll leave you with these pictures that don't do the show justice at all.

The Cheshire Cat was brilliant!

Goodnight from the Happiest Place on Earth!


  1. wonderful day - and you captured it beautifully. To be treasured

  2. Great photos! We feel like we were at Disneyland with you!

    We couldn't believe how much rain SoCal got last week, we actually got a few sprinkles here in Santa Cruz too.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm so glad that you and Elle had such a fabulous time! I loved strolling through your pictures and living vicariously through you two!

  4. Mom is allowed to post:

    I LOVED every word and every photo! You go, girls, and what a wonderful pictorial! I enjoyed this so much!


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