Monday, March 24, 2014

Ms Stella and Tuesday

Yes that's the ceiling.  She likes to be up on top of the armoire.  That means I have to lift her up there and later after she's napped in the CatNip fabric, I get her down.  She purrs so loud I can hear her over the radio while I'm working!   

I'll have my people call your people when I'm ready to get down. BTW: This is 'My People' 

My People "WELL? You heard the Lady... Off you pop!"

yes ma'am!


  1. I bet only the Top Cat is allowed up there, Stella!

  2. Stells dear, you got your staff trained very well! hee hee

  3. All kittehs must have staff. Yours are clearly well trained.

  4. :D my kitty likes it up by the ceiling also! She sleeps in a doll house I have up there

  5. Only the best places for you Ms Stella.

  6. Oh Ms. Stella, you have your human trained so well. :)

  7. Wow on so many levels, Ms. Stella. Your little trills are thrilling! You are so BRAVE to be up so HIGH! You have trained your staff to levels I can only dream of. I bow down and worship at your delicately beautiful little pawsies.


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