Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Mania

I took the day off as I was feeling really achy and nose runny.  It was nice to sleep in and 
relax with 
(for those interested I listened to Terry Pratchett's Discworld 'Snuff and Thud' since they don't have all the Sam Vines stories on audible yet-  I LOL all the time!)

Two CatNip quilts ready for the mail! 

The name of this kitten is "All Hail! O Mighty Overlord of the Seven Realms & the Ten Dimensions" 
AKA Scooter
So I gave him minions.  

Here's my quality control officer.  He's doing very well with the exception of going after Miss Jack on occasion.  Just look at that face.  He still has his 'bracelet' from the IV.  Makes his feets look really big. 

The other kitty in the same house is Sebastian.  Sounds like an art appreciator to me. 

I was told that blue was requested and so this material has gorgeous blues.  It's for a Seal Point Siamese...

Lots of you responded to dear Opie.  His mom is a dear artist friend of mine who also happens to be a vet.  She currently has 4 cats at home and when this boy was taken from a feral colony (cos you can tell he's totally feral right?)  She couldn't bear to put him down.  
Her logic is that his life is 1000 times better than it was, or would have been on the street.  This way he has a loving mom & in her words 'The best Auntie there is'.  

I finished KS's mom's queen sized quilt and the little matching one for KS himself. 

Ms. Stella is making sure there's plenty of her scent on them.  That Woman is mailing them out Tuesday.  

These two kept my day quite interesting today.  No idea what they wanted in there, but they seemed to be having a good time! 


  1. Those are fabulous quilts! Of course Ollie had a hand in helping. I knew there was a story behind Opie - I'm glad you let us know. Um, yeah, he is TOTALLY feral, MOL!

  2. Ollie looks like he's feeling much better if he's up to helping out with quilt production! Thanks for telling us about Opie. He's gorgeous, and you're right, life in a studio is much better than life on the streets for an obviously not-so-feral boy.

  3. Hope you feel better soon! Ollie looks better every time I see him, I hope he's feeling as good as he looks or better!
    Those quilts are gorgeous!
    Opie looks like a regular doll, feral huh? Not any more!

  4. How beautiful is that! You truly are an artist. PS: Our Mom loves Terry Pratchett. His Going Postal is still one of the funniest books she has ever read.

  5. dood...ewe bee lookin better N better...hope ya iz feelin grater N grater N ya did a awesum job on helpin yur mom with de quilts ~~ !!!

  6. My takeaway? KITTEH TITTIETZ!!

  7. The quilts are beautiful!
    I am glad to hear about Opie. He is lucky to have the best auntie when his mum isn't there. What wonderful long whiskers he has.
    Ollie is looking so good now.

  8. What great quilts! Scooter and Sebastian are gonna love theirs! And Ollie sure is looking better. :)

  9. Oh my quilt! My quilt! My quilt! I am beside myself with anticipation!

    And Ollie!!! Sweet Ollie! He's looking soooo great! His "bracelet" will be gone before he knows it. He looks . . . normal. And happy. And enjoying his explorations. ::sigh::

  10. We are tappity-tap-tapping our fingers and claws as we await The Arrival! Tomorrow is Thursday--do you THINK????

  11. Beautiful Quilts and kitties!

  12. Scooter and Sebastian made utter fools of themselves with their new quilts. It was fantastic! I actually had to take the quilts away and hide them so they would eat dinner. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Also, they are beyond gorgeous. The pictures only hint at just how beautiful the colors are. If the cats didn't love them so much, I'd have them on display. But they do love them, so I have to accept they're going to spend most of their time on the floor or the couch instead of on the wall.


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