Saturday, March 15, 2014

It Happens!

 Recently I made this as an entry for a book about quotes.  
My quote (I was given to interpret) was the following:

Look for and make your opportunities happen; they are not going to come rushing up to your doorstep. But sometimes they'll be looking you right in the face. Harley Brown

Here was my entry (which wasn't chosen)

The Title is 
'Carpe mures' 
"Sieze the Mice"

His eyes are lampglass.  The flowers are hand embroidered, The mice and background fabrics were made from leftovers of Miss Rowan's quilt. 
This little kitteh quilt wasn't chosen for the book, but that's ok, I can share it with you now. 

The size is 11" x 19" 

I am going to post it up on my Etsy for sale next week however, I'd like to give my cat readers and friends first dibbs :) 

Happy Sewing! 


  1. That is pawsome! You have such talent.

  2. OH what a beauty! You always do such exquisite work.

  3. Oh! I think that quilt is ADORABLE!

  4. That is beautiful. You do great work too.

  5. That is seriously cute. We can't believe they didn't choose it.

  6. It's ADORABLE! Guess what? Guess what? We posted about our QUILTS today! Come see!

  7. It should have been chosen, it is beautiful.


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