Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Ms. Finny de Floof

We want to dedicate our post to our sweet friend, Fin, who left for the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday.  
Her Mom, Meg, and her Dad will miss her very much, as will we all. 

Not gone...
Just gone on ahead 

 RIP dear Madame de Floofador; 

Ms. Stella O'Houligan
That Woman
Miss Jack
Missy Jenga
That Scrappie Cat
The Ornj Mutants Elliott & Oliver


  1. Beautiful.
    The Blogosphere has a heavy heart today...
    Fin and Meg have touched so many of us.
    We'll never forget you, Fin.
    xo Glogirly & Katie

  2. We has all taken to our beds this evening to quietly reflect on Miss Fin's life.

  3. Sweet Fin. On one hand we wish we had realized how sick she was, yet on the other hand we are glad we did not. Finny was an icon.

  4. i didn't learn of her passing until I read Simba's blog.
    i am just so soory.
    i had no idea sweet Finny was so sick, and like Simba I am glad I did not. Hugs and purrs to her mommy and daddy. Wait for us Fin, we will be there one day to join you and the other babies who wait.

  5. What a bootiful girl she was. Wish I would have known her.

  6. Our hearts are broken too. We're gonna miss that sassy grannycat.

  7. Madame De Floofador! Why did I never think of that. Thank you so much for this lovely tribute to my girl. You are good friends. I will still be lurking around here.



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