Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Heya KitCats! 

Ms. Stella here

One of That Womans' favorite poems.  Here I am (albiet ear-less) in front of The Gurls senior project where she was learning calligraphy from That Woman.  They were writing some lines. (That Womans are the large letters, the smaller lines all in green are The Gurls)  

I look particularly enigmaticin front of this verse, no?

"Out of the night
that covers me
Black as the pit
from pole to pole"

**ebil laughter**

My other favorite verse from a different book of poems is:

Eight of my lives are gone
it's been years since my fur was slicked
but blow North wind, blow
I'm damned if I'm licked!

COD that's awesome!


  1. That IS awesome, my hero! Just as you are. xoxoxoxoxo

  2. I agree with Katie, you are awesome!!!

  3. You're right, Stella....awesome!

  4. Stella! Yous is pawsome, me loves yous in front of the poem and the shot with the shadows...spectacular!

  5. Oh Ms. Stella! You *do* look awesome! You are the Kitty Leader of your house, so you will has to rally your troops and carry on, my girl! Youse is a TOUGH survivor girl! XOXOXOXOXOXO ::bows down before you::

  6. That is sum deep stuff, Stella. On a lighter note, did you see Disco's pic today?


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