Friday, May 25, 2012

Licking our wounds

We would like to thank all of you who stopped by and left comments of condolence to us for our loss.  It means so much to see so many of the CB lending purrs, hugs and tears. 

Over the next few days That Woman will be visiting all the commentors and saying 'hi'(as soon as her computer is out of the hospital).   Oliver has been receiving and overdose of loves and games and treats to help him and The Gurl is doing better and staying busy at work.  That Woman has also been busy at work and maybe that's the best too.  

We have each visited Eli's resting place under his favorite climbing tree where The Gurl laid him to rest.  That woman went out and nearly collapsed in seeing the wee site festooned with all the rose petals That Gurl took from her very own rosebush.  A mother's heart aches.  

We would like to offer a special thanks to ML for posting on the CB for us this wonderful badge. 

Thank you so much.

Ms. Stella O'Houligan
(who was just getting used to having her own personal Ornj goon squad)


  1. Oh my heart just aches and aches for this precious little boy. I'm back in tears again. But that is nothing to the suffering you two have gone through.

    Love and hugs, cuddles and headbonks, nosetaps and whisker rubbins.


  2. Oh no! I am so very sorry for you terrible loss. I know you are all together in a big Human/Kitty pile purring and comforting one another. Please know we are adding our very best purrs and purrayers for you.

    Your dear boy was greeted at the Bridge, I know, by all the Kitties Who Came Before, including my Sweet Boy Mr. Teeth who will show him around. He'll be fine, just waiting for his fur and Human family to join him one day. XOXOXO

  3. Eli's resting spot will always be a special place for you both. Our Rusty left for the bridge under similar circumstances about 5 years ago, taken while out at night we believe by a coyote. All we found was some of his fur on the lawn. His Dad placed a stone over that place and it remains there today. We always think of our sweet boy when we see it. Our hearts were heavy when it happened, but there was no going back, and feeling guilt at not having called him in to bed wouldn't change anything.
    We did love your Elliot and Oliver orinj goon stories and we hope Oliver can be twice as goonish to give you lots to write about and us to read. The alligator lizard story was a prize winner!

  4. You all have been in our thoughts since we heard the tragic news. Sending tons of love and Clooney cuddles and kisses to That Woman and The Gurl to help heal their hearts. Sending mega purrs to Oliver for the loss of his special brother.

    Be Well Sweet Elliot

  5. We all send you many purrs, hugs and lots of love.

  6. We can't imagine what you must be feeling. We continue to send you and the Gurl comforting purrs and headbutts to help ease you sadness. We will miss sweet Elliot.

  7. Sending our love and purrs...

  8. We is all leaky-eyed again. Seems like there's alot of that goin around. We're still sendin you big virtual hugs and headbumpies. XOXO

  9. My heart is just breaking. I am so sorry. His short life with you was filled with love and happiness.

  10. Anonymous11:04 AM

    So sorry for your loss. I can tell you gave Elliot a good life while he was here on this earth.
    He will be forever young at the Bridge.

    Somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge there are fields and streams where you can let your soul run free..Run Free Elliot..Run Free

    Your friends
    jude,poo,babybella,piper & marley

  11. Hello, Sweet furiends, Just thinking of you and purring for you all today. Wishing you peace and comfort. XOXO

  12. We are still thinking of you both and send you all our love. We are certain Elliot has met Lewis by now at the bridge. Lewis will take very good care of Elliot.They will be fast friends playing and forever young together , in a far gentler place where nothing can harm them.

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  13. Me sends yous comforting purrs. Me loves to goes and sits beside the Licorice Memorial garden and so does Mommy and Daddy.

  14. We just read about Elliot and we wanted to leave you love and purrs to ease your pain.

    Elliot was a super handsome lad.

    Luff from
    Oliver, Gerry & Mungo

  15. Hello My Dearest Ms. Stella, Well, my sweet girl, you have a big job ahead of you now, cause all of you will take Oliver in hand and help him carry on that fine goonie tradition on his own for awhile, or--maybe??--you could step in and train him up in some Special Stella Silliness. It's good there are so many of you, Humans and Kittehs, to all take care of each other, and specially of little Oliver, in this hard time. Oliver's a good little guy, and he will be happy for some LadyCat goonie training ;-) XOXOXO to all of you.


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