Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hell Week

(all photos are giant if you care to click and see my glorious self in lifesize)

Speaking of Hell... This last week here in Orange CA. we had temps that reached 110. Was I bothered? Can you tell? Here I am in the cool grass, upside down (my favorite position) flat out. Sun baking my belleh. I am perfectly aware of That Woman calling me (in vain) and trying to tempt me to come inside to the air conditioned house. You can tell my eye is open. But to no avail.

I am too busy sniffing the grassmail and smelling the lovely barbecue smells wafting in the oppressive heat
The reason I'm not goin' in has really little to do with the cooler air in there. It has little to do with the yowling mancat locked up in MY other half of the house. It even has less to do with having to 'share' the cool tile entryway with the pied.

Let me tell you a little story kitties of why I'm not goin in there right now...

On Torbie Tuesday I think it was, it was a suppperrr hot day. That was the 110 that I told you about earlier. That Woman felt after returning home & seeing her wilted flowers; that she'd better give them a good deep watering. The planter is ground level right outside the girls room. So she set her timer, went in to watch some dumb moving pictures on the long black box. It had little tiny people called 'hobbits' or something. A lot of hullabaloo over some shiny ring thing... anyway...

The timer went ding (I could even hear it outside where I was!) but she was at a 'good part' of the movie so she ignored it. Later she went to turn the water off. She had to wade through the little low spot (that is another of my favorite sleeping areas) to get to the hose.

The next morning, she woke The Gurl for school and while in her room she checked her email on The Gurl's computer. **She can't use hers since it got a virus and doesn't work anymore ~That's why she's not been giving you updates so I apologize for this long one. THE broken computer at least is NOT my fault! Even I don't understand the thrill of ruining someones life anonymously... I mean, the whole point it is to make sure THEY KNOW IT'S ME!**

So while she was sitting at the computer in her bare feet on the carpet, she said she thought the carpet felt a little too cool. Upon further inspection the entire area in front of The Gurl's window about one long cat length into the room and at least 8 cat lengths long (unless you are that ridiculously loooooong mancat then it would about 6) is soaking wet carpet. And to further the mess, it had previously been covertly used as someones emergency litter area when The Gurl didn't get up in time to let her out!

So kittehs... You can imagine the stench. And our noses are quite adept at smelling and 'reading' the peemail. So now it's like YELLING to us kittehs. That poor mancat has been moved (mercifully) to the sewing room and The Gurl has been spending her sleeping time on the couch. Right now there is a giant fan pointing at the wet area. (as of this date 4 days later it's more dry and barely tolerable) The heavy velvet curtain was soaked halfway up, the mancat's bed & blanket are in the garage awaiting the laundry since they were both sopping wet. There's all this white stuff That Woman dumped on the carpet to calm the smell (and she's all ready had to order the Anti Icky Pooh from Amazon for permanent odor control) She says if you have cats or dogs even & have been unable to get rid of the smells THAT is the only thing that really, truly does work. And believe me, she has tried them ALL!

So, now you know why I'M not goin in there. Better to be out here where the grass is cool; the lizards are friendly and if I lay belleh up long enough the shade of the tree will find me.


  1. Sounds like a little bit of a cat-astrophe at your to stay out of the way! Our Teri said she has never used Anti-Icky-Poo but heard it was good stuff!

  2. We hope things have cooled off down there behind the orange curtain. (that's what we call it up here in NorCal)

    We're always glad to have a visit from you and we're going to add your blog to our list right now so we can visit more often.

    ps-the fog has returned to Santa Cruz and it's very nice.

  3. Oh dear. You are a very wise puss staying outside...and nothing is as cooling as green grass on a hot day.

    Lucky for everyone that it has been as hot as hades, to help with the drying out.

  4. I just deleted my whole comment by trying to correct a misspell. And it was a good paragraph long. In short I was telling you about a friend of my mommy who brought his man cat here to visit me and mommy and the man cat peed all over the spare bed where I like to sleep in the day time.
    We needed Anti Icky Poo...we reallllly did.

  5. By the way, you are looking delectable out there.


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