Sunday, December 23, 2012

Some Holiday Eye Candy of the Feline pursuasion!

 My annual trip to Roger's Gardens
Where even now there are fresh flowers to be had
In dramatic and beautiful arrangements

 All White 
Spring not far away.  Yes, these are all fresh, real flowers.  Even the peonies.   (I did touch them to make sure) 

 Couldn't help but think of the Trout Talkin Tabbies when I saw this underwater themed tree. 
It's was hard to photograph.  All the ornaments were glass balls with glass fish inside them. 
Unbelieveable.  One single ornament was like $30.00  For that price I say we go buy some fresh lobster and slap it up on some sticks! 

 And some old fashioned painted glass ones.  I laughed outloud at this for sure...
but not at the priceGAG... Holy cod!

Those are garden stones.  They range in size from 10" to 17" across! 

They had lots of these, and if I was actually 'growing my own' I totally would have bought these.  If  any of you gardeners out there are growing your own and would like a set, email me.  I'd be happy to get them for you and send them out. 
The tiles are about 4"across and are $10
I didn't price the hanger thingy.  

 Out there in Newport Beach, it's ALL about size.  
Check these out: 
Made me think of Spitty Cat
 Though it may be hard to get perspective, each one of those balls was bigger than my whole hand (not fist, hand with fingers out)

It's such a beautiful place to visit at the holidays, check out this display and coordinating tree ornaments

 Casino Royale Indeed!  Just breathtaking! 

And then to my favorite room in the sprawling store.  Handmade craft from Artists all over the world.  This collection outstanding. 

The cats are made of canvas, stitched & stuffed and then painted.  I've no idea how they do the teeth.  The eyes I know you can get from taxidermy stores.  (I know this because I'm going to buy some for an all beaded quilt project I'm doing)
And yes, that price tag says $1,095.00. 
This cat was about a foot tall. 
Just so you know, the mouths are fully articulated, you can stick your finger right in there and feel them sharp teefs!.   

  Right?  I know!!!  OMC I wanted to play with all them!
I want this one so badly I can't even tell you...^^ And don't think for one moment I would put it away when Christmas was over!

No Idea how much this one was, it was two feet tall at least.  But OMC could you just die from the cute???
 I understand handmade art and how much time and effort goes into it.  If I had that kind of disposable income and a place for them, these would all be in my house right now.  

And of course, 
Finally my own beloved
snoozin on one of her many handmade items
Ms. Stella
The Queen Herself 

(i do much prefer sticking my fingers her in her toofies, I admit)


  1. Oh we loved this....'specially those cats! Awesome!!

  2. I had fun looking at all that stuff! And, those canvas cats are really something. The lady says she has never seen anything like them.

  3. Cool artistic cats, but we thing the real thing is the best! We bet those other cats can't purr like we can.

  4. Our Mommy was droolin over all those pics, but her favorite was the last two! Merry Christmas, furriends. xoxo

  5. We live about 90 minutes or so north of this place and when we found out where it was located, my human was like, "Well, no wonder everything is so expensive!"

    That said, she is wondering is the ornaments will be discounted after Christmas... it might be worth a trip for her! I told her she was not allowed to buy any of the kitties because I KNOW she would make me pose with them!

  6. Now those are cool ornaments and sculptures! The cats are exquisite!
    I would hang them in my front window all year!
    Nellie's Mommy

  7. Such a beautiful place! Merry Christmas dear friends!

  8. merry chrizz mouze stella N crew....we bee typin frum a cell ewe lar two day N canna reely see de fish..but we think yur eye de ah bout lobster rocks...sum is seerin now..stop on over :) merry christmas XOXO

  9. Oh we loved that shop!

    A very Happy Holiday from all of us at ManxMnews

  10. I'd go bankrupt there!! And TULIPS in December...::swoon::

  11. Everything was beautiful, the cats, the decorations, the flowers. I could bankrupt myself there!

  12. PS
    Merry Christmas to all of you.

  13. Wowzaa~

    Happy Holidays to you and yours from me and mine.


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