Friday, October 19, 2012

Last Call and Signage

Heya Kitties! 

We was over at Katnip Lounge's page & saw their pawsome new sign for the catio.  So That Woman went right over and looked at all the signs and that's when the trouble started. 

We kept clicking on the different Cat signs we liked and That Woman said the only sign she would consider is this one:

I can't even look at her now I'm so disgusted.

*That Woman is laffing her (considerable) butt off and  won't even listen to us now.*

That Woman: Here is the description, It fits purrrfectly, I fail to see the problem:
"Make sure the cows stay home. Post signs to remind visitors to please close the gate and keep cattle on site."


  1. We like the red one that says Don't Let the Cows Out. Could have lots of meanings. Or how about posting one that says there is video surveillance when there isn't?

  2. Humans hav weird senses of humor.

  3. Hey, we don't want a stampede either!

  4. We know you'll get the Woman back for that one, Ms. Stella.

  5. Oh now..I saw her blog a few minutes ago. But I forgot to go to the site.

    Ms will prevail. You always do. Not to worry your beautiful head.


  6. Oh! Back of disrespect!!

  7. Purrsunally, I think the cattle should be allowed to wander where they wish. I mean, a cow's gotta be F-R-E-E, right?

    Hey, what do you mean "looks like"? I was levitating!

  8. Yep, that one is gonna cost her dearly.

  9. This spells "R e v e n g e" Start plotting now.


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