Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sadieday or... when goggies are our furriends

 We don'tz haz many blogging goggie friends but we like to think that Miss Sadie was first and foremost of them.  Her face ALWAYS made That Woman smile and that made her  A-OK in our book.  This particular photo of Miss Sadie & her mum touched us all so very much  we are sharing it first.  

*borrowed from Simba's blog* This past week, Sadie was diagnosed with cancer of her liver and spleen, and yesterday she let her dear Mommy and Daddy know it was time for her to run to the Rainbow Bridge.      Saturdays have always been "Sadiedays" when Sadie would take us for a walk near her home in Oregon or for a forest hike, and her human would take pictures and post them.  We always enjoyed our strolls with Sadie, the times she would go "offloading" and the times she would allow her Mommy to go off leash a little.*** 

But perhaps the photos that made us all MOL and LOL were these:

 Miss Sadie will be missed by all who knew her virtual and otherwise.  Here she is enjoying a rain puddle like the puppy in all of us!

So it is with a heavy heart that we say so long, but we look forward to the day we'll meet up with you again. 

Miss Stella
That Woman
The Gurl
Miss Jack
Missie Jenga
That Scrappy Cat
The Ornj Mutant, Mr. Ollie


  1. Lovely tribute, especially that you found all those super photos of her. We are so sad for her humans.

  2. and from me. I love her dearly and it's easy to see how much Sadie's family loves her and will miss her with all their hearts.

  3. We never had the pleasure of knowing Sadie but Ann of Zoolatry let us know she left for the bridge and we dropped by and left condolences to her people. She looked such a lovely girl and your tribute was perfect.

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  4. What a great post for our furiend, Sadie. That one of her and her mom brought tears to our mom's eyes. We will miss Sadie's wonderful smile. Purrs to her family...

  5. That was so beautiful. Such asad day.

  6. We appreciate this lovely tribute to our baby Sadie. The photos made us laugh and cry but that's how we want to remember sweet - a happy girl. We're so sad around here and miss her terribly. We're glad her sweet spirit was shared through our blog though. Thanks again for this post.

    Angel, Isabella and Sharla

  7. I didn't know Lovely Sadie, but I think she will meet a whole lot of furiends at the Bridge. Mr. Teeth, one of the Kitties Who Came Before, would prolly hang out with her, even if she *is* a woofie cause he was a verreh friendly laid-back guy. Godspeed, Sadie!

  8. We, too, will miss following that pretty plume of a tail on the virtual walks we used to take with her...


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