Thursday, June 14, 2012


Heya!  Ms. Sexie Audrey  nominated me for this award and That Woman was all distracted by her own dumb dirt-day & forgots to put it up!!!  And she calls ME a goon?

Now I'm supposed to nominate five other bloggers but since I seen this one go round quite a bit I say you get to nominate yourself.  Feel free to copy the photo and illuminate your readers!  MOL!
I'm supposed to tell you one illuminating thing about myself.  So, here goes. 
 I love my 'DaBird' toy and That Woman.  I especially love when they are together so whenever That Woman is home, I find my DaBird and drag it to her where ever she is.   

I figured out that the toy really loves her too cos it will start flying all around the place!  
 I chase and E A Pand  then it go flying off across the room!  I chase it down & drag it back to whereever she went!  Sometimes I haz to go findez her cos she leaves muttering stuffs about being 'driven crazy'.  *shoulder shrug*  Ususally by then I'm kinda pooped so I assume the loaf position on her feets and just look at my toy.  I just know that at any moment it could fling off into some direction & I gotta be prepared! 
I will tell you sometimes it's ebil and lands on me and I churriup and flip out a bit!  I get all outta breath & my eyes getz all big and That Woman just makes a giggley noise.  You knowz something guys?  I think she can be ebil too! 

hovercat practice

yummy butterscotchy goodness

sound asleeps on my lap

 master of all that he surveys
Ollie: "Now where is dat bird?"


  1. It sure does sound like you have a wonderful time with Da Bird and your human, Ollie. That is very smart to bring the toy to her like that, even if it does tire her out. You have proven your non-goon status to US!

    Audrey and Simba

  2. We love Da Bird too!!!

  3. Ollie, Maui thinks you and him need to playplayplay together! Oh, and Salem wants to know where you got your French Manicure.

  4. Ollie, you are one cutie pie boy. We think your markings are so beautiful! You do right by your Mama and keep her entertained and fatigued :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  5. Ollie, we are big fans of Da Bird too!

  6. Snap to woman!! He shouldn't have to wait, you know! He does have butterscotchy goodness, doesn't he? Not that *I* care, but the Human's impressed.

  7. Yous reminds me of Kozmo!
    Me loves that last shot! Yous looks like the king of the world!

  8. Oh OLLIE! I am feeling terribly fainty. REALLY fainty looking at your beautemous self. Oh my goodness ME! All butterscotchy goodness...french clawicure..scrumptious delicious looking muscled man cat body...:THUD:

  9. Uh, Katie? Get hold of yourself girl!

    You'll want to check in tomorrow for another look at HellKitten ;-) She has a real name now, too!


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