Thursday, June 07, 2012


That Woman here, hijacking the blog to share stuff.  This month I be turning 'older than dirt'.  In my art group we all choose 'themes' for our celebrations and I chose 'Cats and or Birds'.  I want to share the gifts I received at our meeting!  (My actual date of dirt isn't till the 13th.)

 The card is a riot! The ostrich has a party hat! It says 'Party like a Rock Star'.  The button on the base of the tail is a kimono button.  My riend Cindy Cooksey made this darling kitty for me.  It is a stand alone sculpture.  There's a bag of rice in the bottom to weight it.  I love the fabric used for the face; TOTALLY looks like that cat is smirking! Anything Cindy makes is just the bomb!

 Here's the back.
 My friend Peggy does great embroidery.  I love the colors she chose for this darling mini quilt and the white rick rack really sets off the polka dots nicely. 

 My friend joannell made this journal cover.  She drew the cat/bird and created a silk screen of it.  (you remember seeing the letters on the piece of extra fabric Ms. Stella was perched on)  joannell said she was unsure if I would understand the comedy of the letters and not take it seriously and I just LOL'd and said 'are you kidding me, with 5 cats the phrase has become my motto!'

 I love, love, love joannells work. Her aesthetic style speak to me.  I so wish I had her eye. 

 Lastly but not least, my friend Vicki (who is a vet in her day job) makes wonderful jewelry.  She created this necklace out of a drawer pull.  I draped it over this box to keep it on display for now but I love it so much there I may leave it!  She told me it was Miss Coco.  (we had taken Miss Coco from her after she had rescued the mama cat & litter of kittens at her clinic). 

interesting note: the box is pewter over wood and velvet lined.  It is quite heavy.  It sits in the center on my mantle.   The two cats (bookends) were gifted to me by an online friend while we were both learning the Irish language.  They remind me of my  beloved Gin-gin & Taffers (twin ginger sisters I had all their lives)
The figure on top is a poppet.   That is Elliotts collar round the poppet.  In the box we have a couple baggies with fur in them and  some collars with name tags.  All are from past fur family members who have gone on ahead. (The Gurl put Elliotts furrs in there, I am not ready to open it)

This is a mini-poppet;
 here we see happy poppet in wonderment of  the engineering of big kitty Sylvester

poppet reminds me we are silly humans and there is always something bigger (and full of wonder) than ourselves no matter what our age. 
on that note: 
may the poppet be with  you
That Woman 


  1. You got some really cool stuff! Happy amost Dirt Day! Hey, don't worry about that older than dirt thing, my Dad remembers when dirt was just dust!

  2. WOW!!! We love the gifts you got from your many talented friends!!!!
    Our Mom is old as dirt too, heehee
    She also loves big kitty Sylvester :)

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  3. Uh oh! Our mom is hijacking our comment!

    That Woman, those are excellent gifts! I like to collect "cool cat stuff" and I have to admit, you've got some of the coolest there! Happy Birthday!

    Sue aka Island Cats' Mom

  4. What amazing presents. This year my Mom turns so old you can't even believe it. I don't think even she believes it.

  5. MY mom is older'n dirt too! We're all a dusty mess here it seems. Look at Brian's Dad...dust. Heeee.

    What gifts for the Dirt Day, Stacy. I love them all. I wish I had gotten such wonderful things too. Your Art group is da BOMB!

    My mom said she can't look at Admiral's furs either. Maybe one day.

    Sending best Birthday wishes for the offishal day and love. Hugs too. Tell Ms. Stella we both love her dearly. She IS our hero. Always has been.

  6. You've got sum great stuff! We luf, the kitteh, and that jewelry is pawsome. Well heck, it's all good!
    Our Mom's "dirt day" is the 21st. She's so old she doesn't even celebrate anymore!

  7. Wow. You have WAAAAAAY better friends than the Human does. The presents the Human gets are like only 10% as good as these presents. Happy Birfday, Ms. Stacy XOXOXO

  8. Those gifts are outstanding!!!

  9. Audrey has nominated Ollie for an award. Please come over to our blog to find out about it.

  10. What great gifts! and great momentos! Thanks for sharing, It is wonderful to see what other artists love.
    Nellie's Mom

  11. What beautiful gifts and treasures!
    You and your friends are SO creative and talented!!!
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  12. Those are the bestest ever treasures!!!
    Happy special day (coming up!!)


  13. Yo! Kitties!! Enough with the Human and her birfday stuff!! Where are you?!?!?!

  14. Happy BIG, BAD BIRTHDAY! Well for tomorrow in any case...

    We hope your day itself is special. It looks as though your friends have set the tone with all their lovely wishes and lovely gifts. We love the idea of poppets! They are filled with wonder...and that is the secret to a good life no matter the passing of time or age :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  15. Happy dirt day!
    Hoping you are having a great time.


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