Saturday, October 22, 2011

Three Cat Sat-urday

"Is this really necessary so early today?"
(if you'd have put your glasses on this would have been in focus
and you would know better than to get in the shot!)


  1. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Oh, but we like that!!! Hugs and nose kisses Have a great weekend.

  2. Why are humans UP so irritatingly EARLY?!? They need to do the 3 AM thing like us and then sensibly go back to bed for another six hours.

    Further proof of feline superiority...

  3. I think she needs her first coffee. Cool jammies.

  4. Well, up early usually means early breakfast. Did you gets foods out of it at least?

    Plus, I kinda like this picture!

  5. Mommy thinks that face is totally kissable. xoxo

  6. Greetings Stacy,

    Ah yes, we definitely know the best spots in the house for us. Well I guess you gave mom a lecture on focusing and being in the shot I am sure and she will do better next time. I know it is hard being a cat, always educating humans.

    Warmest regards,
    Ms K and dad


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