Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I sent a CatNip quilt to my friends Carol, Jake, Moshe Moshi & Maus over at Coffee,Cats & Yarn. This is what Carol made! How cool!

If you're not a reader of her blog, Mr. Jake had infected toofs and this last round of dentistry had to have the last of them removed. While the V.E.T. was drilling Jake's mandible cracked too. But true to his wonderful nature he took all this in his stride & slowly has gotten well due to the tender mercies that Carol has bestowed upon her brave charge. In the last post you can see as Mr. Jake suffers the indignity of having to be spoon fed by his mum and if you think he's helpless think again as he would simply roll his tongue out and drop spoonfuls down her shirt! Now of course, she can't get him to stop eating! YAY JAKE!

Now I don't know about you, but the mere thought of the d.e.n.t.i.s.t. sends me into a cold sweat. Add to that the prospect of what that must feel like to have all your teeth extracted. )not at once thank Cod) . What can I say, I just loves me some kitties and those curly ones (and nekkid ones) seem to do me in! (well, and the torbies, torties, tuxies, gingers, OH, and the all white ones and the calico's and the odd eyed and the extra toed ones... errr. you get the idea)

I'm so happy to know Mr. Jake loves his quilt and that in some small way it will make his recovery (and mum's) that much more cozy. Thank you Carol for making the cool slideshow!


  1. That is so sweet! How awful fur him to haf to have his toofies pulled. Purrs being sent to him.xoxo

  2. Every Kitties luv your quilt even me who can't have it !
    My Evil customs is bad !!!!

  3. Poor Jake! We're glad he's recovering well and has one of your quilts to make him feel comfy...and stoned. LOL.

    Nicki and Derry feel for him--both have had 8 and 9 teeth out (in one go), respectively. Though mercifully no cracked mandible.

  4. Hooray for Jake and I am glad he is recovering nicely!!!

  5. I loves my beautiful feminine quilt and its out all of the time and I'm on it every day even if I don't feel well. xoxoxox

  6. Mes LOVES my quilt (even if me has to fight with that brat Kozmo over who gets to lay on it). Me thinks that your quilt to Mr. Jake, who losted all his teeths, must have made him feels better. I know it makes me feel wonderful!

  7. Poor sweetie! I am so glad his wonderful mommy is nursing him back to health! I am sure your quilt is making him so happies -- in between meals, that is. ;-)

    Purrs for him and his Human too!


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