Sunday, October 02, 2011

S. O. S.

Heya Kitties-  We is being told by some that comments aren't working.  That Woman herself haz noticed on other's blogs the same thing; she types, hit's submit and it just disappears!  What the PAW is goin' ON????

Now I know what yer thinkin... Yer thinkin, "Stella, how can we help you if we can'tz leave a comment?" So I'll just tellz ya!   For those that can leave comments and have any idea what the paw is goin' on, please leave a comment and tellz us, for those who can'tz leave comments because they vanish in the Tardis, please send an email to That Woman :   stacyhurt at rocketmail dot com  (if you knowz how to fix this problem)

One thing we noticed, for those who have a comment 'pop up' window it doesn't seem to be a problem there.  BUT, That Woman haz looked and looked to figure how to make our comment window do that and she's dumb and can'tz find it so any help would be so great! 



Oh, and here's a darling photo we jacked from Cheezburger for your viewing pleasure

OMYCod!  I need ear muffs for when That Woman looks at this photo.  

And this is pawsome too! 


  1. Awww. We sorry you havin' probs...Tell Stella to look for our ManCatMonday post, hahameow!

  2. I can leave a comment!

    Also, those little Sphynxes are 'dorable!

  3. The Momma can't help you, as she just lost our first comment. We luf the photos! Mommy has a secret obseshun wif Disco NoFurNo ofur at Swirlz N Curlz too! Oops, guess it's not a secret any longer!

  4. We can only comment on your blog now through Google Chrome because on IE7 or whatever it is now, it just disappears. We think it's called embedded comments so if there's a way to shut that off you should get the pop up window. But our mommy doesn't really know much either so we could be wrong.

  5. I try first, let's see it's working or not !
    About Pop-up window, your woman have to go to " Setting " and choose " Comment setting " then look for the tick box " Pop - up ", then click it then save !

  6. So I have the 'new blogger' thing. When I click 'settings' the only options for comments is to either see or not see them, or to have moderation or not. There isn't a box or anything that says html or revert to html or even 'Pop-up'.

    Will keep trying.

  7. Stacy, Ok ! You used the New Interface, I did check it and it's no option like you said. You have to go back to the old interface !!!

    Look on top on the right " Switch Back to the old interface " Hit that ! and click " Skip " it will send you to the Dashboard.

    1. Click " Setting "
    2. On top on the second line of Menu Bar " Click Comments "
    3. looking for Comment Form Placement, You will see " Pop Up Window " , Click it then " Save Setting " "
    4. You can go back to your New Interface by look at the top right
    Click " Try the update Blogger Interface "
    5. And then you should have all set up for comment by Pop up window .
    I hope it help : )

  8. YAYAYAYAY!!!! MR PUDDY you saved the DAY!!

    Thank you so much!
    Now if I can just get Yahoo to stop saying I have suspicious activity and let me send emails everything will be back to normal!

    Thanks everyone for all your help!!

    Ms. Stella's Woman

  9. No problem for us leaving comments. We use Google Chrome for our account, while the mom uses Firefox for hers, just so both accounts can be open at the same time.

  10. Looks like you're all set now, that Mr Puddy is so smart!

  11. @FUZZY TAILS: yer mum is a smart cookie!

  12. Yay, Ms. Stella! Yay Puddy! Awesome that Puddy and his Mom figured it out! Now we are in business and can comment! There were some fabulous tuxie curly toes goin' on back there on Thursday! And that pic today is something must have been by to see your Mr. D I presume as well...


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