Sunday, September 04, 2011

Somewhere in time...

sorry; That Woman is being useless.  Holiday weekend & all; they are watching some dumb show on the flixie thing all about some Dr.  I kept asking "Dr. Who?" and all they would say is



Goin' back to nappin; hope to catch up with everyone next week. 

Ms. Stella O'Houligan


  1. Humans. The weirdest species on Earth.

    And that's including the platypus.

  2. We think the way you are spending your weekend is way better than what the humans are doing!

    Have you seen the Katnip Lounge's post today? They are trying to help a kitty in Orange County, CA find a vet with more reasonable prices to help her with bladder stones.

  3. Hi Shar!
    Yes, I went right away and left several numbers for her to try. This same thing happened to Jenga when I did that auction of my artwork to help fund it. It was like 750 but that was with the 'not for profit rescue rate'. I also left a number for Meowz ResQ in the OC, they referred their Dr. at one time but I lost his number so I just left theirs. Hope it helps with Ms. Lucy.

  4. "Dr.Who?" "Yeah" too funny!

    Have a great nap!

  5. Sounds like Who's on First to me, ha ha ha!

    Hey, we are having Computer Troubles. We will be around when we can till they're solved (by a new computer, we hope!)

  6. I couldn't get the comments on todays post to work, but this one did, weird. Anyways, nice tummy and toes!

  7. Mommy said she can't get the comment to activate on the latest blog...the Tuxie one. So she said to tell you here that SHE is booking the next flight over to visit (storm the door) and snorgle that belly there and kiss that pink padded paw multiple times.

    The End


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