Thursday, September 29, 2011

News Update

Don't usually post two in one day but wanted to share something.  Scarlett & Mellie won the bidding for the CatNip quilt in an auction a couple weeks ago.  Their mum Natalie posted an adorable short video of Mellie being adorable & loving it very much.  To see go HERE

Mellie is a tuxie & between her & our Miss Jack & Mr. Puddy & Abby and Sylvester & Salem gosh, just alla the Tuxies out there is it any wonder they are so LOVED to PIECES?   


  1. Oh yes, those catnip quilts really are that great!

  2. Melly is so cute in that video - what a great ad for the quilts! We LOVE the fabric.

  3. cutest video ever. Oh my gosh....
    I have not been by to visit in ages. busy and just busy.
    I am so glad you love the quiltie, and I love how you hung it up. Adorable. I have been wondering how to sign my little creations. Is there a special pen I should use?

    Miles still loves his quiltie, and Pierro talked him into putting it on the window table in the sunroom, so they both snooze on it.
    Have a lovely week-end dear friend <3

  4. We saw Melly's adorable video! She loves her quilt and we love ours too!

  5. Wow ! I went there, and the video is superb !!!
    Miss Melly is just so cute and made me love to have your quilt ! but sadly in Australia, Nip will be not allowed. that's why we can't make an order !
    I love your quilt !

  6. About shipping to Australia, The Custom will scan everything even the book !, If it have a plant in there , it will show ! and then they will cut the product , take the sample, If they found it ! they will not sent it to me, and I will get fine !

  7. Wow! Congrats to Melly!

  8. Tuxies are so darn cute, aren't they?? Melly went completely bananas over the quilt, and she's still loving it. Scarlett has even gotten a few turns on the quilt, and she's enjoying it too.


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