Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Falling Down

Let's see:

1. Missed news on My Dear Ms. Admiral's hospital stay                check
2. Missed 'Meow Like a Pirate' Day                                              check
3. Miss daily blog posts that I give for publication                           check

Let's face it kitties; if there was a 'Three Strike' law for pathetic human slaves I'd be shopping for a new one by now! 

This makes me larrrrrf everytime

I shall exact revenge shortly, meantime. 
Sending much love and purrs to Ms. Admiral
Sending xrated thoughts to my dear Mr. D.
Sending salutations down under to Mr. Puddy & Ms. Huffle (and the Goon)
Sending a baker's dozen kisses and head butts to the Lounge
Sending slow winks to Mr. Brian and his hareem 
There's so many kitties I need to say things to so hopefully soon I will be able to visit and send my 'xoxo' to all of ya!  (Lookin at you Ms. Nellie & Koz!)


Ms. Stella O'Houligan 


  1. Hmm, we thought we saw a comment on a blog that your human was unwell? Maybe you need to cut her some slack...Did she feed you? That's the most important thing! :-P

  2. HeeHee, that was a cute post today, and thanks for the Meow Out!

  3. I think in the same thing as Fuzzy Tales, Is your woman alright ?
    Any how this post is so cute : )

  4. Well said! We think you are all caught up! Purrs and headbutts.

  5. well. Life is Not Good. Except for all the LOVELY revenge you get to plan!!

    xx, alla us

  6. Training humans is hard work!

  7. My human is failing too! I miss my bloggie friends! And that chihuahua picture made me MOL my tail off!


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