Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SAQA 1 Foot Square Donation for Auction

Celtic Pear for Peace

I am really in love with that color mustard! I drew the pear shape and then painted it in fabric medium and let it dry. Then on a sheet of paper I played with the calligraphy placing the words in the pear shape trying to get the dimensions right for the shapeliness of the pear. I then inked the design onto the fabric with my calligraphic pens. I used liquitex calligraphy inks.

The main word Siochian (can't put the fada's in this script) is Peace in Irish Gaelic. There is also Gra = Love; Neart = strength and Onoir = Honor. I then took my artist quill did the relief curlicues and tiny flowers and leaves. After that, it was off to the machine!

Machine quilted from the back in bright orange from a piece of tapestry fabric (I didn't get that photo yet) and then from from the front for all the other quilting of circles, lines, etc. I hope they can use it in auction!


  1. Beautiful as always, and its great to read how you go about it

  2. I like it a lot - the lettering on the pear is wonderful!

  3. Thanks Cindy! I'm bringing it Friday to Cutloose. Hope to see you!


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