Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Passing of a Titan

Afternoon, August 20, 2014
We would like to say goodbye to one of the Cat Blogosphere's best and brightest.
From our first day blogging to today, all these 9 years later; Sparkle The Designer Cat was a permanent fixture in our world. 
She always managed to get her comments in first, always had interesting things to say and never ever  got snarky, (well, except where Binga was concerned).
She is gone now; we just read the news on Facebook. 
Kissed by a Sunbeam
Janiss Garza is quite something.  When I first saw her at Blog Paws I instantly thought; no way!  She was warm, open and gregarious and she looked nothing like I had pictured her.(even with facebook profile shots).  I really enjoyed meeting her, chatting and hearing about the levels of professionalism that she wanted her blog to be in and remain, after all, Sparkle had important things cat owners should know, in addition to cute photos and product reviews.  She strove to be more, and she was.  
Window View
When I read that she 'didn't come home' today I wept (as I'm sure a lot of you did too).  I admired how she stated plainly that they don't believe in the rainbow bridge but she hoped she would continue on in our hearts.  My heart burst with pride for her bravery in writing that.  
Afternoon Rays
All our love
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