Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's An Outrage!

So you think you know someone...
and then, three little mongrels kittens come live us for while (she says)  and so today she's preparing for work, la de-frickin-da... WHEN
The scene begins:
**strange noises coming from the front hall area near the open front door
 (oh fer cryin out loud you bunch of ...audience members;keep yer furs on!  the screen is closed!)
Anyhow, as I was sayin'. 
Strange noises. 
Woman comes running.
Now any self respecting (so called) cat-mom would have had the camera phone on video in a blink! 
And therefore could have thrust onto the world stage the sight of a small, grey plush kitten
going backwards all around the place banging into everything and causing much hissing from grown up cats who had come to inspect the strange noises because
said kitten
had her head
neatly stuck
the empty tall tissue box
All I'm sayin'...
is that you KNOW if it had been the Ornj GOON or Cod forbid ME-- That little video woulda made the nightly news and we'd be sittin pretty for next years Pettie awards (PAWS DOWN) for that bit of film brilliance.
But no, sadly not.
And the offrontery continued when to drown out the appaws and laughter and adulation of all my fans I could still hear ringing in my lovely head... all I heard was
:OMG!  Kitten,, OHHH noooonononnono!  OH poor baby!  Omygoodness!  Oh you poor widdow fing...oh...."
OH  B  L A R F!
it's an absolute outrage and scandal!
I have nothing further to say on the matter.
Feel my pain fellow inmates; we could'a been STARZ!!!
Sweet G:  "srsly?   Can you say 'Drama Queen?'
Ms. Stella "I heard THAT!"


  1. OMC! The travesty!

    And our Mom laughed!!

  2. But Ms. Stella, you are the most beautiful no matter what happens. And we advise: don't give her any ideas about boxes on the head being cute. You may regret that.

  3. Bwaahaha....we agree - there should have been video. At least a picture. ;)

  4. MOL - too bad she missed dat one!

  5. Ms. Stella, y'know, having been in that predicament once myself, I can say that I wouldn't want photographic evidence posted all over the innernets. ~Wally

  6. OMC! Your human missed out on making a truly viral video!

  7. stella...itz that dood murfeez fault...him haza law ore sumthin named afturr him..murfeez law...

  8. OMC! What a missed chance. Bwahaha!

  9. Oh oh noooooo! Kittens spell t r o u b l e! Unfortunately, you might be blamed for the trouble it stirs up too. Better put your paw down pal.

  10. We really wish there had been video, but we still laughed our butts off. Bet Mom Stacy could stage that event pretty easily. Just a suggestion. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  11. Hahahahahah POOR WIDDLE THING??? Seriouslies. HUMANS. Blarf indeed!!! ~ Faraday


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