Saturday, November 09, 2013

The Queen is available to be Entertained

Normally when I get this close, this is what happens.  I know alla you out there feel my pain
(I'm using the camera on my phone)

but patience is essential to have when photoing cats

better but just a bit of a blur

Then mostly perfect

But I love the expression on the photo below:  ( later you'll see why)
this is enlarged three times

Here's the full shot

And here's where we minions attempt to entertain the Queen


  1. thanks for taking the time to help with my fabric call out! I don't have a piece of the fabric sadly, so can't take it to people, but I may be able to back to where I saw it (and took the photo)... it was in a museum (but it wasn't an exhibit, but a curtain to a staff area).... the only way, I reckon... THANKS AGAIN :-) great video of dear feline x

  2. The next to last photo is a lovely picture of Ms Stella.
    Hey Oliver, I like to bunny kick everything when I play too.

  3. Ms.'re stunning. But we think you know that. :)

  4. Video Verdict: Too much orange boy, not enough Queen.

    I'd have liked to have joined Ms. Stella for a little nappie on that nice blankie.

  5. It looks like Oliver was way more willing to be entertained!

  6. Oh Ms Stella. You are truly royal. <3 (this is Katie Isabella)

  7. You are so gorgeous Ms Stella and what beautiful pictures of you! That is a beautiful woobie you got there too! (Thank you so much for your well wishes and visit!)

  8. Ms. Stella, You are always the cream on the sundae of life--and the cherry, too!

  9. Stella is most definitely Queen. Oliver is the court jester.


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