Saturday, November 09, 2013


Hiya guyz.  That Woman was taking pics of me and den she putted a pic of just the flowers on the furbook but alla sudden like 

Our good friend Teri over at Curls and Swirls was all "those prettyful flowers is deadly poison to kitties so be extra careful  

And  keep them away from your bb.s"

And That Woman said that she didn't noes and so... 
then she looked over at me and saw this and well I can tells ya
that was the last timez I gotta be sniffen 'em. Phooey.

I never did eated one or anyfing.  but That Woman made up to me playing wif me a buncha time.  We play chase and hide and seek.  I like to hear Mom giggle and she likes it when I find her and talk to her. 


  1. Yep, we never getted flowers anymore either. But, if you gotted extra playtime, well that makes up for almost anything. Extra treats would be even better!

    Happy Tuesday and Mommy says to tell you she loves your header. XOXO

  2. Yeah, we never get those pretty flowers here either. My human's boyfriend only gives her roses now, since they are pretty harmless.

  3. At least you got playtime to make up for it. My mum used to have lilies in the garden and used to cut off the pollen bits because she knew they were poison to kitties. Then she found out the leaves are poison too so she dug them all up.

  4. Yes, I'm now allowed in the garden where the lilies are at all. Fortunately, I has no toothies, so eating greenery is never an option, but still I'm watched like a "hawk." What does a hawk have to do with it I wonder????

  5. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Your mom is a good one to care about you and play with you. Purrs to your mom!

  6. ta stik ta grazz...ore mint....flounder...canned goodz....!!!

  7. We don't get real flowers around here much either whether they're bad for us or not. Mainly because we like to knock vases over. The mom is no fun.


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