Monday, March 25, 2013

Torbie Tuesday

I would like to share this pic of the Glorious Toeless One
She is truly such a special cat I can't even articulate what she means to me.  Just looking at her shape calms my nerves, opens my heart and let's my spirit sing. 

also to share some info about the chair in the prev. post.  Blogger ate my tiny explanation.
This rocker/glider was a gift to me when Ellen was two years old.  18 years later it was time to get 
new cushions.  Since they don't make my chair any longer it was a shot in the dark.  I chose fabric samples that were only 2" big and online.  I chose the dots and prayed to Cod almighty that the pattern of dots wouldn't be really, really small...
I was greatly rewarded.  I need to cover the ottoman myself.  I had to purchase an extra yard of the material (60.00 per yard-ouch) but I'll have enough left to make a couple toss pillows for the couch.  


  1. Awww !! This is beautiful post !

    My mom feel the same way with me as you feel with Miss Stella. Lots of time, she just come to see me while I'm sleeping and smile !

    For me, ..I knew she is there ! so I wake up and say " Meow " and run to my food bowl..tee..heh

  2. Such a sweet face and we all send smoochies to her snootie!

  3. Awww she looks like a sweetie too. So precious.

  4. stella this bee a pawsum pick sure oh ewe...wink, wink...


    and if ewe haza nice magic markerz ore a crayon...ewe can play de WAY awesum game on de comfort oh yur own ottoman

    connect de dotz

    R mom be lovin that fabric by de way !

  5. Ms Stella holds a special place in our hearts, as she reminds our Mommy so much of Princess. Happy Tuesday sweet girl! ((hugs))

  6. Ms. Stella, the mom wants to kiss your cute nose. :)

  7. She is beautiful! I want to nap with her!

  8. Lickity lickity lickity, snorgle snorgle, tiny bitey, lickity lick. Purr.

  9. My Hero always and a beauty at that. I'm so glad your momma loves you that way. Its the way my momma loves me as well. My momma loves Ms Stella very much and told me the Tale of Stella that Admiral told Ms Stella is also MY Hero too.

    Ms Stella told both of us, me and Admiral how to rule with an iron paw but in doing so- how to garner love and smooches. It works, My Hero.


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