Thursday, March 28, 2013


Woo Hoo~!
Heya HepCats & GroovyLadyCats!

We won a contest (like first time evar!)
And boy are we excited!
Ms. Sparkle went to visit the KatLoungeKitties & since we named 'em all correct we WON!~

Our prize came in the mail & here we are checking it out!
Since Oliver was first on the scene I'll let him narrate what happened next.

Hi guys! Ollie here, we gotza fanCATstic prize from The Lovely Lady Sparkle!
I mean just look at her!
scuse me whilst I read the LOVE NOTE she sent JUST TO ME!  er, well, to alla us I guess.

ANYWAYZ, I was first to come drool all over the box & That Woman said we couldn'a open alla stuff till Ms. Hoity Toity Ms. Stella came in. 
BUT there was two of US, (me & Miss Hissy Furrs)
so we winned & That Woman let us check out alla it.

Miss Hissy Furrs was right off scopin MY catnip mousiefish!  SHeesh!

Later she gave it up finally & I got to sink my fangs all deep inside and got a bunch of nip vapors out! It was DEEVINE!
ed note: note the name on the CARD Ollie!
Ollie: "I'm a CAT it's not like I can READ! Your human squiggles are too weird.  Did you know we cats don't need written language OR very much verbal language as we can emit odors that are more complex and infinite than ANY lame human alphabet!

Ya, we rocks.
(it's also useful when we want to disucss That Woman right in front of her!)

Speaking of smells, the old bat apparently still gots a great nose cos in she came! The heavenly scent got her off her favorite outside woobie~  That is saying somefin!

There was one giftie that was an instant hit!  That Woman didn't open it till we wuz all there... It was a tin from Modern Cat and it had felt cut outs utterly marinating in high quality nip~
Here's Ms. Stell getting first dibbs.

You can see I was being a good boy and waiting my turn ^

Then I got to get up close and personal with that yellow star of nip divinity!


jf;eiowh.... oh, sorry, lost me head for a sec...

Um, Ms. Stella?  You gots some nip leafs on you...

Ms. Stella:  "did i get it?"

Ollie:  "um.. not quite, a little more to your right"

Ms. Stella:  "how bout now? "
Ollie: "That's good, now the other side."  

Ms. Stella; "Ollie, are you just sayin that so I stick out my tounge? You know That useless Woman has her camera on 'burst' which takes like 10elebinty shots per nanosecond!"

Mmmmm; dis some good stuffs!
I'll be savin some for Mr. D and King S.
Thank you so much Miss Sparkle!  We are thoroughly enjoying our prizes!!!
The lamb treats from New Zealand are a big hit too!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Ps...That Scrappy Cat came out way late as usual and was like
'What? What'd I miss?'


  1. I'm so glad you kitties enjoyed your prizes! I paw-picked them especially for you!

  2. That was a fantastic prize package! Congratulations on winning it!

    Happy Easter weekend to you all, whatever and however you celebrate!

  3. What a pawsome prize!!! ....and MARINATING in nip??? I'm getting a little nippy just thinking about it!
    ; ) Katie

  4. OMC!!!

    Pink tongue pictures!! NIP!!!!!!


  5. That was so much tongue fun!!!

  6. Holy carp! That is one cool prize!! All that stuff should keep you occupied all weekend! Have a good one!

  7. Oh that is so pawsome! Winning stuff is so much fun. Concatulations.

  8. Wowwzers! That looks like some pawsome prizes! Yous guys is furry lucky!

  9. Thank Cod it wasn't another baby brofur - you can never be too careful!

  10. You folks rock getting all the answers right! What awesome pressies you got from Sparkle! Poor Scrappie, too bad she was late to the party!

  11. You have enough cat crack there to last you a while kitties! But if you happen to run out , come on over! We just got a new supply in ourselves and we'd be happy to share!

    the critters in the cottage xo


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