Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Coming Soon!

Starting tomorrow, That Woman is going to reserve Wordless Wednesdays for something called
Why Paint Cats Wednesdays.
She got a book several years ago
where they take vegetable dye & do things like this: 
Now for me personally?  Do you think I would ever sit still for what is obviously a time consuming art?  NO
I'm perfect the way I am.  That Woman knows this. 
That said; I enjoyed looking at my compatriats decked out in all manner of artistic endeavors!
I hear there is a particular one That Woman is convinced is King Spitty.
(you will agree when you see that one, I'm sure!)

So, starting tomorrow! 
Stay tuned!
And thanks for checkin it out! 



  1. OMC, that is quite amazing. No chance WE would sit still either, Stella.

  2. I will be under the bed if you're looking fur me!

  3. My fur is perfect just the way it is! In fact, one of the important qualities of my breed is the ticking on my fur. So nobody messes with it!

  4. Holy carp! We always thought those pictures were photoshopped! We can't believe humans would do that.

  5. OMC! Mommy says that is funny but also a little messed up. We don't know what she means...

  6. Could be. Let's see it.


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