Thursday, November 29, 2012

One for the Books

Ok guys,

Here's a story ya.  It's a bit long, but so worth the read.  It'll warm the cockles of the most ebil, flinty little black hearts.

Our story begins in June, 2012. 

That Woman has a buddie she works with and that buddie came in one day and asked her:

"Ok, you're the cat person right? (isn't this the best way to start the story?), What do we do?  At my condo there's this kitty who is hanging out on our back patio, he meows & meows but he hisses at us if we get to close. He looks half starved and we have tried giving him milk but he won't drink it. (smart kittie!)"

That Woman:  "You have several options, put a trap out and take him to the pound or trap him and do TNR, or keep him, start feeding him and gradually he will come to be friendly and want to come inside & you can take him to my vet who will fix him, give him his shots, trim his claws, give him a bath, etc. Basically make him a bit more civilized.  I will be happy to come and take him if he continues to be a problem.  I'm sure I can figure something out."

--Ms. Stella: Cod love Her, but I tell you if she would have brough another BOY into this house, I would have signed my resignation papers right then and you would be reading this from myself on the run."

That Woman: O for pity's sake Stell, what were we to do? Leave the poor boy out to get into who knows what trouble or be murdered or run over or *gulp* worse (with Halloween coming up)?  NO.  Stop being so selfish! 

*it should be noted that her buddie sent a photo to That Woman of the kittie in question and he looked pretty sad.  Filthy, thin, scared. 

Anyway:  That Woman kept tabs and her buddie got cost estimates for all that would need to be done and meantime her buddie (who was on maternity leave) had her baby and was feeding the kitty, her young son named him 'Patches' as he was white/black.

After Thanksgiving That Woman was back at work, her buddie returned and gave the end to the story.

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday they were home enjoying the weekend at their condo, they noticed a young girl wandering the complex with an older man.   Then she noticed the girl talking to Patches who was perched on the fence.  Her buddie flew out the door & was about to admonish the girl but the girl told her that she thinks the cat belonged to her dad.  Her dad had moved out of this complex in June and his kitty got out in the confusion and they couldn't find him, but couldn't stay either, the trucks were leaving to move him to Palm Springs.  

Patches disappeared into the back patio and then the dad came up and so they all went inside.  As soon as the man saw Patches, and more importantly, Patches saw the Man, Patches ran and  LEPT into the mans arms and the Man was besotted and started crying and was rubbing and loveing Patches and Patches was rubbing and loving and purrrrrrrrrring his ever-loving little heart out to be reunited with his Man.  Patches real name is...  FESTER!  HAHhahahahahaha!  Isn't that the best name ever!??  

Here is a photo of Patches/Fester before he went home to live with his Man and they lived Happily Ever After.

Happy Thanksgiving Indeed!

For the record,
That Woman here:  I would have taken him in a heartbeat, but my buddie
was doing right and giving him good food (that I told her to buy) and he did warm up
to them a lot after that. 
He wanted to come inside, but they were rather superstitious and didn't want
kitty in with the new baby no matter what I said.  That's culture for you.

All's well that end's well.


Ms. Stella
*who has unpacked her bag and put the treat box back on the shelf*


  1. What an awesome happy ending! Mom used up a whole box of tissues. How distressed the man must have been to have to leave him like that.

  2. What an awesome story! We are a little weepy here too.

  3. way awesum ms stella N mom....we iz sew happee de kitteh finded hiz purrson N hiz purrson finded him....headbonks N high paws.....ta everee one helpin de kitteh long de way.....

    fester..ya musta had st francis watchin out for ya buddy...

    rock on :)

    hope ewe all haza grate week oh end !!!

  4. Well. This story REALLY cheered Mommy up! How wonderful.

  5. What a great story! We liked it a LOT! Purrs...

  6. What a great story. We're so glad that it has a happy ending.

  7. What a pawsome story! And Fester sure looked as though he was seriously festering without his man...we just had to say that :p
    We lubs happily ever afters :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. You're right, that story warmed our cockles, whatever those are. We're happy Fester and his human have been reunited!!

  9. Oh that is so excellent. Your right my cockles are warm.


  10. Yep, my whiskers sure did grin up!

  11. This is the best, most awesomest story we has heard in a month of Sundays! I cannot even find a single snarky word to say--and THAT's a miracle in itself, don't you think? XOXOXOXO

  12. We are crying happy tears! What a wonderful story.

  13. What a lovely story! Thank you so much for sharing. I love happy endings!

  14. Oh this made me happy. Mom got leaky eyed but in a good way. What a wonderful dream come true for Patches and his Dad. Thank you TW for all that you did.

  15. I'm so glad that Patches/Fester was reunited with his human. I can only imagine how scared and confused he must have been from June to Thanksgiving.

  16. Me is so happy that the lady with the Baby talked to yous and that the lady with the baby feeded Patches/Fester and that his Daddy found him because he had not starved! Me LIVES the story and me is so happy!
    And if yous tells anybody me was all leaky eyed, me will whaps yous!

  17. Replacement Humans?? Ms. Stella, is that even POSSIBLE??? I think I would like my replacement Human to be the Dad at the Katnip Lounge, because seriously, he could make over this whole apartment into Kitty Paradise! And he would totally stay home with me and we could be Brofurs! We'd make this place into a regular ManCave and swill beer and catnip the livelong day! So, how do I go about trading my Human in for him?


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