Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Little somethin'

If you haven't visited The Critters in the Cottage you may want too.  That is the home of some truly amazingly cute felines & woofers.

One in particular took hold of That Woman

Miss Esme
(because truly That Woman has always loved the name Esmeralda. There was a time when she attempted to demand we refer to her Esme  owing to her adoration of  the character Esme Weatherwax -- of Discworld fame.  Supposedly she's some like really great Witch who uses something called 'headology')

but I digress...

Look at this face
So during Ms. Stella's auction, Miss Esme's handler LP requested something just a little different.
Ms. Esme has her own bassinet

LP requested a CatNip quilt but just a little larger to fit the bassinet. 
She requested that if possible a liner for the bassinet would be good to so
before too long That Woman and LP came to an understanding, fabric choice etc.
Here is the result.

Here is the back of the quilt

LP writes that Ms. Esme approves of her ensemble.

Another satisified customer!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan
*who grudgingly admits she's a wee bit jealous of Miss Esme's striking choclolate mask and piercing azure eyes!


  1. She does look very, very happy!

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL quilt!!! The details are just gorgeous.
    And Esme...well she's beautiful too!
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  3. Soooooo beautiful! And don't worry Ms. Stella, you'ze beautiful too!
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  4. We visited the Cottage Critters and saw the quilt you made for Esme. It is beautiful and it fit her peapod purrfectly!!

  5. I was there and saw that work of art for Esme. And indeed she IS a beauty! Her own bassinette and a peapod bed! Now she has the beauty of her catnip quilt and a liner! Totally out of this world! Ms Stella, my Hero..That Woman rocks!

  6. Esme is indeed lovely and her bedding is just wonderful! Now the kittehz here will want their own bassinet!

  7. We went over and checked out Esme and her pals. What a great group!

    That quilt is beautiful. And the bassinet liner, too.

  8. A bassinet???? Now there's a thought--I don't gots me one a those and look how comfy it looks! And oh my! What a beauteous quilt! I'm going to have to go visit Esme.

    PS It sounds like you've been a norty girl, Ms. Stella. I like that about you.

  9. We saw it on their blog and think it's absolutely stunning, the loveliest we've seen yet!

  10. ms stella; ewe haz done a furtastic job on this quilt and thanx for de link two de critters cottage; we will go visit !!! enjoy yur day:)

  11. Everything are beautiful in this post!

  12. Oh Miss Esme..you tiny little chocolate minken faced darling girl. A bassinette...I am just overwhelmed. XXXOOOO

  13. That is one sweet pampered kitty! Truly, your Woman has done a work of magical art there. The quilt is gorgeous.

  14. That quilt is beautiful and so is Miss Esme! You're beautiful too Ms. Stella!


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