Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Thieving Thursdays

Pssssssssst... Hey!  Under here!  Is She gone yet?

That Woman:  "Oooooooooooliiiiieeeeeee?"

Where is that cat?

and where did these come from???

I don't remember buying those?

Ollie: "What?  I swear on my paw!  They followed me home!"
That Woman: "Ollie!  You mean you stole these???  Where on earth...
Oh dear, don't tell me.  You got them from the little yappie doggies next door???  Oh Ollie!
That is a no-NO! We don't steal!"

Ollie: "I don't know what you meanz 'stealin'? I wentz over dere to the grass & they wuz juss layin around so I grabbed 'em and asked all around brought them in da house for safe keepin. That's just bein' a spponsible Mancat.  It's in my training.. Chapter 7, paragraph 3, sub paragraph H: under the big writing that sayz
'posession is 9/10'f s of da lawz'."

That Woman: "Um.. Ollie, you got a bird on your brains."


  1. LOL! Thanks for starting our day with a laugh.

  2. Yous is the bestest! But me thought it was Chapter 8.... Better gets my book out.

  3. HAHAHA! That was hilarious!
    I'm going to have to cross reference this with my own handbook.

    Thanks for visiting us this week : )
    Katie & Glogirly

  4. Oh I LOVED it. I wish mommy would let ME out. Who KNOWS what I'd bring home!


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