Friday, August 05, 2011

A Few of Her Favorite Things

Hi All, That Woman here. 
Tonight I found out a restaurant closed that I had always enjoyed but rarely visited.  It had an artisan area in the lobby where they would display and sell local art of all kinds. 

Authors Disclaimer :  I'd be much obliged if you'd kindly overlook the dust.

M.a.n.y. years ago I found an adorable ceramic mug.  I was wondering what happened to it tonight & found it in my kitchen cabinity thing where I keep my grandmothers Franciscan Apple Pottery.  

(all pictures can be clicked at least twice to make them full size)

Oh yes; I LOVE my dead ducks too.  

Here is my favorite cup

Naturally, it's a meezer.  You can't blame a person for falling for this instantly.  At the time I had little money (ok, so not much has changed there but this was before child!)  and I wanted it badly.  To this day I have not ever used it and have never regretted purchasing it.  I just look at it. Truthfully? I'm afraid I'll break the tail.  

While in my cabinety thing I found some other cat curiosities that I couldn't live without... 

This dorky birdhouse in bright colors all ready for Halloween.  

This darling tuxie girl replete with movable wooden feet! She graced my kitchen sink shelf for many years until the cabinet was found.  She has a hand painted dress and wooden stand.  I bought her when we first moved into this house 15 years ago. 

I admit; I am deeply in love with the spider hanging just to the left of this lazy chubby tabby.  But how cute is that face? 

 This charming pin was a gift from my mother.

 I was an avid cross stitcher.  This is just one of many things I made back when I was trying to decorate our home. 

 The Gourmet Cats picture I've had since I was single.  I just loved the darling expressions on their faces & the fish heads sticking out of the pie! 

 Michael's had these one year; I couldn't resist getting one! 

Yet another crow and cross stitch

This corner cabinet I purchased with one of my first bonus checks.  It was hand made by a man who sold them by the side of the road.  I painted it to match the apple wall paper I put in. 

"JENGA! I'm trying to share some of my things... Take those gimlet eyes and go play with your plague rat!"
*Jenga: 'Well Stellie is yowling outside & you won't let me go out there... Huruumph!'*

sheesh!  where was I?  Oh ya... 

This darling sheep & her lambs was purchased at an antique store. I'm ashamed of her dusty head but she's furry & I've no idea how to clean her properly. The motherhood plaque was a gift to myself after we got our ducks! 

 What country kitchen is complete without the ubiquitous Warren Kimble print?  I also have the pig, cow & chicken; Oh, and the two rabbits facing each other. 

 Garage sale find!  (probably should have a been a garage sale left)

Another cross stitch.  I fell in love with that looooong tail and the air bubbles from the kittie's muzzle! 
Last but not even least, this newspaper clipping from Dec. 2007. 
(that has been on my fridge door since then)
A mother puma and her THREE cubs getting water from a troph near Irvine Lake, CA.  Makes my heart sing! Aren't they gorgeous!!!

You'd think my house must look like this (country) all over but it truly doesn't.  When we moved in here all those years ago, El was 3 and I knew the vital areas were the kitchen & dining room.  That is where 99 % of life happens in the home, so I decorated and finished those first.  Now there are too many memories in these areas & I couldn't bring myself to 'upgrade' even if I wanted to.  El agrees.  Though we should bring ourselves to clean this really well pretty soon!

The creator gives us memories
so we can have
 roses in December



  1. It is so lovely seeing your things. You've made me think of doing something similar. I have so many precious(to me) little things everywhere.

  2. it's funny isn't it Sal? You pass these things in your house for years... don't even really 'see' them hardly. Then a memory will trigger something and they all make you smile again.

    I'll look forward to checking out yours too if you post!


  3. The critter creations are all so cool!

  4. That was fun. I just love cabinets for that very reason. There are so many memories and treasures in them. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  5. I love the cross stitch kitty with the scarf! I have a crow also-Love him.
    All my favorite things are in boxes, I think of them, wishing I had my curio again to display them.

  6. I love all the kitty art! And that MUG!! Oh my! Mom wants one, but she would definitely break the tail.. shes clumsy like that!

  7. I think our things reflect who we are, and now I have a much better idea of you! I'll leave it to your imagination...but it IS complimentary.

    Re: the sheep and dust--try a lint roller. (yes, I'm an OCD cleaner)

  8. It's fun seeing all your fun things! We really like the kitty mug and the "you are what you eat" cross stitch!

  9. Wonderfullovelybeautiful treasures!
    We also have a whole pile of cool stuff too.
    Mom needs to take some photos and share one day.

    bonks to all of you
    BIG bonks

  10. OMC! The Human is just screeching over that tabby cat atop the cabinet! You have a lot of super-cool stuff ('course the cat stuff is the best). That mug is the bomb.

    My Human needs some more cat stuff. Mostly she just has me.

  11. We love the cat mug! The tuxie girl is very sweet too and so is the cross stitch kitty "You are what you eat"! Thanks for sharing your cherished memories.


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