Friday, August 12, 2011

Caturday Funnies

 #1 Funnee:  Mr. Riley sent us another chuckler! 
At first we didn't see the 'unintended angel '
Wasn't until we put it in Pshop that we realized it was there! 
Thanks Ms. Deb & The Riley! 

#2 Funnee:
Please send sympathies to me as I'm having a difficult time with That Woman!
I've had to listen to her whine all week about how sore she is, how tired she is, how she can't hardly bend over to put the food in the bowl! (I tole her; my bowl is on the table so she don't have to bend down!)

Since The Gurl is working odd, long hours and That Woman only haz to go two miles to work; she bought a wheelie thing so The Gurl can have the car (on acounta The Gurl haz further to go).

Look how cute! (The Gurl taking it for a spin)
And for inquiring minds, NO, Cats do not ride in the basket:  there wouldn't be enough room for all the tuna AND cats anyway.  And I have been assured since we are being so green there WILL be LOTS more TUNA.

funnee part is That Woman could probably walk from here to Texas without even breaking a sweat, but this wheelie thing has her licked!  


Ms. Stella O'Houligan


  1. My human likes your bike! She used to bike back and forth to work everyday!! And we want to sit in the basket!!

  2. Oh Cod, Now Mommy wants one of those things.


  3. My Human has a wheelie thing but has been sitting in the back porch for like three years. Now the tires are flat. Ha ha ha!

    The extra money for noms sounds good though.


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