Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth commence

"WHAT is that gawd awful noise?"

"Oh, it's you. 

all right; if you must... you may kiss The Paw-

now run along and stop yer whining.  No one really cares that your email was hijacked for a second time forcing you to cancel the email address you've had for 15 years and get a new one...


They don't. 

They only care about Me; so make sure all my friends know how to reach me now or I'll give you something to cry about! " 


  1. Let my mommy kiss that paw please? She is a sucker for paws 'n'pads. I can't keep her off mine!

    Someone was mean to your mommy? That stinks! Let's go scratch them hard and bunches of times. I'll help. They';ll never take an address again! They'll be in kitty ribbons.

    BTW, I like Spitty's visits too..a lot.

    Lots of kitty kissies,

    The Admiral

  2. We do care about you a lot but we're sorry about the email account too!

  3. Hmmm, I think we just losted our comment.

    Anyway, I wanted to say that **I** will kiss your paw!

    Thanks for mentioning the cat breed (Siamese blue lynx point) cause we googled and found some pictures that are the spittin' image of Aggie!

    We're sorry about your email :-(

  4. ...why Mr. Spitty, (bat, bat) you charmer!...

  5. I noticed it started once more.
    Ah well. It is annoying but not too bad: It is only your email (imagine your bank account?)


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