Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby Bats and Big Cats!

You can't even SEE my beautiful bats!  But looks how tiny my whiskers iz! 

Dis is me too.. I iz soooo widdle and tiny meowiez. 

I'z all big now & my bats are clean as whistles! 
xoxo Mr. Larry

Meet Lucy!
This is a shot of our Beloved 'Big Lu' (short for Lucy or Lucifer!)
She was found abandoned as a kitten and brought to us when The Gurl was 5! 
She quickly grew into a GIANT Ragdoll kitteh.  Her paws are so large just one takes up the entire palm of my hand!    It was fate really, the folks who found Big Lu brought her to us on May 6th; Grandma's birthday.  Grandma had come over because we made her a birthday dinner to celebrate.   Big Lu and her hit it off right from the start but Gram still had her cat Ebeneezer at that time.  After Ebeneezer (a black persian) went on ahead to his next assignment three years ago, Grandma was bereft but Big Lu had always loved her best so we agreed to let her go adn they have been together ever since.     

We are going to visit Grandma for Thanksgiving & will take pix of our Big Lu and post them! 


  1. Such a nice love story.

  2. Oh me and mommy are enchanted. We both LOVE the sweet pictures and we love the story.

    I had come to tell Miss Jengs that I admired the polite way she had to wake you up as opposed to my shouting and blowing horns and drumming the drums. The thought of turning on the heat and massager at your mom's side just made my mom sigh and ask me why *I* can't be so polite. However, moving on, that baby kitten picture just caused my mom to fall on me and commence to kissing me and carrying on. She is sure sentimental and prone to loving all of our baby pictures on the CB. Silly mommy.

    Love to all and Mrs. Stella O'Houligan too. She is a Lady Cat among Lady Cat's.

    Oh.,.and a bit of a story as to my name...thank you for asking.


  3. Oh, Mr. Larry, You was the cutest lil baby EVER! (And the Human says you are still very handsome!

    Love the Big Lu & Grandma story--what a happy ending :')


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