Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Creamy Center

If That Woman thinks she can get away with posting pictures of me like this, she's got Another Thing Coming! I mean really! I am a wild animal, I eat mice, I kill rats, I catch lizards, I'd catch birdzez too if she'd let me OUT! Wuss Puss' need not apply! I have a reputation to uphold! Do not ever think you would be allowed to actually touch that creamy center! Oh this is just too much; She's gone too far this time. I'll show Her~as soon as I'm done typing on this clacky thing...


what the PAW???

a plastic coating???

NOoooooo!!! FOileD aGaiN!!! EviL WitCh! oh this just hisses me off! She's so lucky I don't sleep in her room.



  1. Such a wild beast, you know you just want to snuggle in that tummy. And run.

  2. blows BIG raspberry on that delectable tummy

  3. awwww, what a sweet tummy. certainly worth a kiss and a lick.

  4. Worth a dozen tummy smooches.Great shot! What a happy little sweetie she is !

  5. Oh such a TUMMY. Why, it rivals my OWN curly creamy tummy!!!
    We have to keep our 'beans in line so you stick to that tough and stern way with her! But showing her that delectable tummy may get you kisses! Just thought I had better warn you. MY mommy can't stop kissing my head and cheeks..I swear the fur is about to come off my head she kisses me so much!!!


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