Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A quick cat-chup with the Fosters & the Homies

Or as Esme puts it (whattaya mean it's not all about ME?)
Y'all may remember the Momcat & 7 kittens  I took in last May.  Well if so then you know Mom & the kits nearly all died from a severe URI.  After all of them being hospitalized for a week; only Mom & Miss Harry returned to me.  I continued to nurse Miss Harry & Momcat.  

Miss Harry needed some buddies to help her socialize so I took in the Tripod,  Angel & Tabby Tank .  Then the first adoption event they went to, both Angel & Tank were adopted leaving Miss Harry alone again.  Another Foster had to give up her remaining kitten (a Tuxie named Rascal) So I took her in to be buddies with Harry.  Then two more kittens ;a Tabby we named Mouse & a sleek black house panther we named  Spitty were found by a family that begged us to take them in.  The were so kind & already spent money on getting Mouses scratch looked at on her face.  They brought toys, food, litter & some donation money with a note of thanks for taking them in.  

Last week's adoption even saw Miss Mouse being adopted and a week later Momcat got adopted.    I was back with Miss Harry, Rascal & Spitty.  Then this brood showed up.  5 orphans.  Three from one litter and two from another. 

In no order they are: 
Scooter (female)  she's not doing well as evidenced by her white nose.  She's on formula mixed with food & powdered pumkin.  I'm also supplementing pedialyte.

This is Miss Harry on the left & Swiffer (black female fluffy) on the right

This little girl is interesting.  She's all black fluff like her sister but with two white spots; one behind each ear. 
she still swims through her food so her furs aren't quite back to normal yet. 

This giant good ball is Rascal (female)  she is 100 % personality!  She bolts through the hall way and leaps right up the door jambs!  She is so funny to play with and never puts a claw out or teeth when playing with people.  She's so quick to purr and roll all over ya.  Can't figure why she's not been snapped up yet. 

Miss Harry.  She still has some flobber gobstoppers of sneezing fits when she gets worked up.  She also tires out quickly and breathes through her mouth when they get playing really rough.  She's on liquid antibiotcs once a day and nose drops twice aday.  And she HATES everything to do with any of it.  I have to purrtio towel her so tightly sometimes and still she manages to cut me to ribbons.  And then purrs and sits in my lap when it's over.  *as i bleed slowly into the towel*  sigh

This sleek little gorgeous boy is Spitty.  He has perfectly formed roundy ears and coffee bean eyes.  He chrips and purrs and is the perfect feline body specimen.  So beautifully well proportioned.  

This is a little boy named Blaze 

Rascal in front, Harry in back 

Blaze's brother 'Pinkie'  That nose! 

Scooter bug again.  Showing off that super proud tuxie chest. 

Swiffer _yes; named after the mop.  She's all fur and underneath she has white long hairs that make her look like she waded into the dryer lint.  

Gratuitous Miss Esmeralda post (who is a foster)

And then my three.   Misty Kitten never holding still wanting outside 

My Beloved Miss Jack.  The oldest now at 16

And of course my world rising and setting on My Sun.  Ollie.  Such a good boy.  

Well that's all from us .  
After feeding 15 cats in the morning, cleaning all the litter boxes & then heading off to work.  When I get home in the evening it's the same routine. Then spending time with all the kittens then my three if they want.  Then settling down with Miss Esme in the evening if we are veggin on Netflix.  

Pretty soon I won't be able to take more cats in as I'll need to rent out that room.  But for now it's full of life and joy and even a serpent still!  

All the best, thanks for reading 


  1. Wow! My human and I have seen the occasional foster post from you on Facebook, but we didn't know you were SO busy and so full! That's quite a clowder you have there!

  2. wow - full house! we are glad these tiny lives are safe with you though....

  3. Wow, you sure have your paws full! We love Spitty! Those ears!!!

  4. Ollie, you are a handsome guy and will always be #1. The kittens are adorable though.

  5. You definitely have a full house and we're sure it keeps life interesting.

  6. Have you tried pettinic or liquitinic for Scooter? they are both iron supplements and help kittens who need 'pinking up' pet tinic is more readily available in stores, but liqui tinic also contains amino acids to help build up reserves.

    1. no I haven't! I will get some today. I imagine all my bottle babies could use this. Thank you as always for your wealth of information! :)

  7. Wonderful update! You are a rock star.

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  9. Thanks for sharing the wonderful update. They all look so cute in the photos. You are doing some amazing work and we can not thank you enough. Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing the lovely photos.
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