Thursday, June 19, 2014

Watching Ms. Stella

Misty Girl:  "What the paw? 
Does you guyzez see dat???"
DANG!  I hopez I can moves that fast when I growez up!  Dat Ms. Stellie is like..l aMAZE-a-cat!
Watching Ms. Stellie is the highlight of their afternoon playtime. Especially when she gets a hair up her nose & flies up the fruit tree!  MOL
Meantime;  Mr. You comes by twice a day to see the little ones.  I think they all really like each other.  
He just flops down right in front of the screen and they all play and sniff and hang out there.  
Little Misty girl tried her 'halloween kitty' pose for like a second but then was fine.  Her eyes aren't so developed yet but each day her little bobble head gets more steady!
Sweet Baby G attempts a 'high five' for Ms. Stella. I love this shot of them all kicked back, totally engrossed in 'outdoor cat tv'.
I got a surprise gift from a dear friend/fiber artist.  She sent me a whole yard of this glorious hand dyed fabric!  Her name is Laura and she goes by 'NeonKittyQuilts' on FB.  I love her graphic style! 
I so want to make one like this now! Isn't it pawsome!!!??
There's blue & lime green in this too but I was too overcome w/belleh rubs   
Winston decided to give some gratuitious belleh shots as a way to say thanks! Look at those big back kickers!  


  1. They all look so healthy and are getting so big.

  2. So darned cute! They are getting so big and they all look so healthy! Great job!!

  3. I love how those kittens think Ms. Stella is so awesome! 'Cause she is.

  4. Everyone of these photos is just darling. We can't believe how quickly these little balls of fluff are growing. Mom wants you to give each one a kiss from her. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  5. Those lil kittens are so cute!

  6. We think they're bigger than they are and then That Woman's hand proves otherwise! How fun for them to get to watch The Big Cats in action outdoors.

  7. Too much cute!!! I adore the way they watch Ms Stella in action.

  8. We love how they're growing and are so engrossed in the world beyond the screen. It's nice to see that Mr. You is still coming around for visits, too!

  9. OMC! Those kittens are the cutest! And that fabric is pawsome too. We love the colors in it.

  10. What a great bunch of little ones

  11. I love the high paw.. that's adorable!

  12. We can see why you were overwhelmed wif bellah rubs....
    Our Mommy is just a wee bit jealous of all that kitteh deliciousness!


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