Sunday, August 11, 2013

Monday musings

Pile on the far left is from Miss Jack & Scrappie combined.  Pile on the right is from *Ms. Stella
this is about one minute of good brushing. 

*one minute is a long time when holding struggling cat
(even if she is purring and likes the end result)

below is same time of one minute brushing of Ornj Mutant
All 14 lbs of him loving every minute & purring like a mad man

After brushing a bit of fresh air

That Woman wanted ta say something.  She went on and on about the whole 'isn't Feedly just great?' and 'I really like being able to read blogs on my smarter-than-the-human phone'.  blah blah blah.  BUT... And you know when there's a BUT that it's time for bbkittehs to leave the room.  
Here's how it went: 

"Ms. Stella, what really gets my knickers in a wad , is when we are looking at the blogs on Feedly and visitatin we can't just jump to comments right then!  If they (Feedly)can put all them damn links at the bottom for sharing, tweeting and every flippin other cutesy icon button thing how come they can't put one that would link DIRECTLY TO THE COMMENTS! Huh?  Huh?  I ask you, is it too much to ask?   And you know what else Ms. Stellie?  I also heard that reader is coming back, and I was all WTH?" 

About here is where I'll edit out what she said for the next 10 minutes - ad nauseum... with  as many words that seem to come flying right outta her mouth these days aren't fit to print.  really. 
When she took a breath, I stuffed a biscuit in her gob & got her to calm down for second.  She then did go onto lament (and I'm with her on this one kitties) Feedly requires that you download them so that means while she's at her day sitting-on-her-bum place...working...and could also be transcribing  my pithy, timeless comments... she can't ... that computer won't allow her to download anything... so while she's on her break at work (note how I said she'd be doing that on her break...)  *pawsnickers*  it's too hard for her to use her 'smarter-than-the-human' phone cos there's no 'keys' to tappity tap on.  And let's face it, while 'auto correct' can be fun at times, mostly it's just a royal pain in the A*glands!  Am I right??? 

I must take all her complaints and sadly pass them along here so you will all know why she isn't commenting on blogs they way we used to.  One thing that does make it easier is when there are comments left on my blog I can jump right over to that kitties blog and that seems simple enough.  But I read a lot more blogs and when I'm tellin her what to type she's getting all flustered and sweaty. *well, that sweaty part seems to happen at all different times of the day and night now but that's a tale for another day.

So now ya know; I'm not ignoring y'all and hopefully soon we'll get our reading/commenting schedule back on track.  
Ms. Stella  


  1. You should see what my human gets off of Boodie - it's practically a whole nother cat!

  2. All that ginger fur looks like when Eric used to get zoomed and furminated. He loved it too. I don't give up much of my fur. Mum thinks it is superglued on.
    Where did you hear that GR is coming back? I hope it does. We are getting on okay with Old Reader but miss the "next" button from GR.

  3. Wow, look at all that Orinj fur!

    We just use Blogger for our reader - go to while signed in and scroll down a little, then you can enter the blogs you wish in the reading list. Then go back there to see the start of the posts, then can click to go over to the actual blog for the whole post.

  4. CC sheds the same way--must be an ORNJ thang...

    waitaminnut!!! Readers coming BACK!?!

  5. Ollie, you shed just like me. Must be an ornj cat thing.


    pee ess...the mom is fed up with all the readers. She's been using Feedly and The Old Reader and email subscriptions just to try and keep up with all our furiends. It's a tough one.

  6. I guess I´m like Boodie over at Sparkle´s = When you comb or brush me you will get a whole new cat :)

  7. We're just glad your able to dictate your posts. We love pawsnickers!

  8. Anonymous5:57 PM

    With all that shedding, you'd fit right in over here at our place! We're still hoping there's someplace to mail all our fur to; somewhere that needs a whole 'nother cat! Purrs....

  9. Ms. Stella, Well, at least YOUR Human has an excuse--mine has just been lazy and rebellious and when I tell her I want to visit my furiends, she gets all whiny and moany and say's she's "tiiiiiired" and a whole lot of other BS. (TeeHee, can I say that here? It's not really an HBO word, is it?) Anyway, I'm sick of her sloth and will be tightening up the ship around here.

    P.S. I think you could build an orange kitten with that stuff.

  10. Ms Stella, I always read your bloggie and whether you comment or not on mine is not a concern. You are and always will be my hero (and mom's too).


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