Friday, October 23, 2009

Mr. Aspen comes for a visit!

We were so excited to learn that Mr. Aspen could come for a two week visit! I had forgotten how much I loved having a talking cat!

Right now we have a full house! Mr. Aspen has his comfy carpeted garage; Jenga has my room; our three houligans Ms. Stella, Miss Jack & Scrappie have the sewing room, living room & kitchen; and the three tiny kittens have El's bathroom until they find permanent homes. They are quite adorable & I'll post some vid this weekend of them. I missed having tiny kittens but I'm over it now :) LOL! COME! Take one HOME! PLEASE!!!!


  1. He is beautiful. My felines just rule the house and they chose who lives in what area lol

  2. Its so nice to see him again!
    Enjoy the full house, but my forever homes be found soon for the kittens.

  3. We want to see pictures of the three kittens.

  4. Mr. Aspen is so cute! I love talking kitties too! It sure does sound like you have a house full of kitties but that means it's a house filled with love!

  5. Awww, Disco sounds just like Mr Aspen! So fun to babysit him! And kittens, yes...I am glad mine are in their new homes now...


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