Sunday, April 05, 2009

Bombus Humilis

Aren't they gorgeous? See what I mean by "patrols" his area? If you get too close; he will zoom right up to your face & hover, then bolt forward till he pushes you back. His buzz is quite loud and very intimidating. He (or she?) has been known to chase off any intruder including hummingbirds who can be quite naughty in their own right.


  1. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Wonderful. Worth the wait.


  2. Great video! They are so fast and mysterious but wonderful!

  3. How cool is that??? I love their chirps. I've never even thought of taking a video.
    Yesterday I was potting up plants and had a black-chinned guy buzz up to the feeder about a foot or so from me and he froze in mid-air and stared at me like he was assessing possible threats. He decided to flee after a minute of consideration. He had the most gorgeous violet throat.

  4. Hey fluffs; it's not a hummer; it's a golden bumble bee. *but the hummers love this plant too*


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